Samsung crushes the competition and breaks all records in 2021

News hardware Samsung crushes the competition and breaks all records in 2021

From 4K TV to wireless vacuum cleaner, via smartphones or microwaves, it’s hard to miss the Samsung ogre. Present in all areas of high-tech or household appliances, the Korean giant recently published its financial results for 2021, and one thing is certain, Samsung is not experiencing the crisis.

Samsung’s overall revenue grew 24% in 2021

If we suspected that the financial health of Samsung was not in danger, no one had imagined such a result when the figures were published in early January. While the computer industry has been entangled for months with big supply problems due to a shortage of certain electronic components like semiconductorsSamsung is literally surfing on the crisis, the pandemic and the shortages.

Let’s not keep the suspense any longer, and dive into the figures provided by Samsung for its annual report for 2021. To begin with, you should know that the 4th and last quarter was simply the best in the brand’s history since its creation with a turnover of 74 billion won, or about 54 billion euros, just for the period October, November and December. In net operating income (wholesale profit), this corresponds to 13.87 billion won, or 10.30 billion euros. An increase of 52% compared to the fourth quarter of 2020. A resounding feat.

Samsung, world number one in smartphones and televisions

Over the full year, the figures are even more dizzying: 270 billion won in turnover (about 207 billion euros) for a net profit of 52.64 billion won, i.e. a whopping 38.31 Billions of Euro’s. Enough to invest in new factories or new technologies.

Among the buoyant sectors, we immediately think of telephony where Samsung largely dominated the sector with nearly 19% market share in 2020 (the 2021 figures are not yet known). And even though competition from Xiaomi and other Chinese brands is fierce, Samsung estimates to have sold no less than 67 million smartphones worldwide in 2021. Monstrous!

The other heavyweight at Samsung is obviously television, where Samsung also largely dominates the market. In the first quarter of 2021 alone, Samsung TV sales alone accounted for 32.9% of the global market.

But where Samsung has experienced its strongest growth and which has allowed it to achieve such important results, it is thanks to its factories which supply semiconductors and memory chips which are used in the production of RAM or SSD. In the midst of a shortage, the branch has grown by 52% and orders are full for the years to come.

In 2022 Samsung has also planned to increase its production to cope with the arrival of new generations of products. Everything is rolling in the best of worlds for Samsung!

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Samsung crushes the competition and breaks all records in 2021