Samsung S22: exceptional pre-order offer for the new 5G smartphone

News good deal Samsung S22: exceptional pre-order offer for the new 5G smartphone

Samsung hits hard for the launch of its new smartphone. The Samsung S22 and its big brother, the S22+ are benefiting from an exceptional pre-order offer at SFR. In addition to a more than affordable price for a smartphone of this type, Samsung offers a 150GB 5G plan in the SFR store.

What is the range of Samsung S22 smartphones worth

Released last month, the Samsung S22 Ultra was able to allow us to have an appetizer of the range that is preparing at Samsung. Even if the three models share many things in common, such as their sober and elegant designs, and a processor which gives them all unparalleled speed.

The S22 trio differs firstly in the size of their screens (6.1, 6.6 and 6.8 inches), but also with a slightly higher display resolution in the S22 Ultra.

Pre-order the Samsung S22 and S22+ from €99 at SFR

Compared to the previous generation (S21), the S22 benefit from a new Exynos 2200 chip, resulting from the latest technologies from Samsung. Even if the battery life is not yet there, we can emphasize that the new chip manages to endure the most demanding applications, with temperatures almost never exceeding 40°C.

Despite an almost similar appearance on the back, the S22 range now has a photo sensor with a 50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle module. Enough to capture much better quality images. But why take beautiful photos, if not to enjoy a superior display quality?

To this question, Samsung offers us a Dynamic AMOLED 2X panel, to guarantee us a graphic quality as good as usual.

To know more about the Samsung Galaxy S22, you can consult the complete test about it.

The opinion of


It is undeniable that the Galaxy S22 + is a high-end smartphone that remains in line with what Samsung is used to offering. However, we can’t help but think that a glass ceiling has been reached in terms of power and that the manufacturer is now finding it difficult to value the systematic updating of its SoC Exynos that it imposes on models of S22 and S22+ sold in Europe. If we leave aside performance not always at the rendezvous and abused autonomy, we can salute the advantages of the terminal in terms of photos, screen and general experience. However, we can wonder about the interest of buying it when you already have a device of the Galaxy S21 generation, which clearly remains in the race today.

Scheduled for March 11, 2022, the S22 and S22+ smartphones are announced at an exceptional price at SFR.

The Samsung S22 range at an exceptional price for pre-orders at SFR

It’s no secret that Samsung tries to outperform the giant Apple every year. The two smartphones (S22 and S22+) date in stores on March 11, 2022. For its imminent launch, the brand is hitting the table with a surprising offer.

Samsung Galaxy S22

  • Price to pay: 150€
  • Amount refunded after purchase: €50
  • 5G 150GB package: €38/month for 2 years

Samsung Galaxy S22+

  • Price to pay: 349€
  • Amount refunded after purchase: €50
  • 5G 156GB package: €38/month for 2 years

Never change a winning team ! With their sober and elegant designs, Samsung smartphones generally cost around 850€. The brand is trying a tour de force by announcing the S22 and S22+ with a 5G package (150GB) and a price that stands out well from the competition. The unprecedented pre-order offer for the S22 Smartphone range at SFR ends on March 10, 2022.

Pre-order the Samsung S22 and S22+ from €99 at SFR

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Samsung S22: exceptional pre-order offer for the new 5G smartphone