Sharp drop on this UltraWide PC screen ideal for teleworking!

News good plan Sharp drop on this UltraWide PC screen ideal for teleworking!

These ultrawide monitors are waging war on our traditional dual-screen setups, and they’re doing it with aggressive pricing that makes our telecommuter wallets happy. As proof, this 29-inch LG UltraWide screen goes from €229 to €179 right now at Amazon. A great buy for those who want to comfortably multi-task.

LG UltraWide 29 inches: more width for teleworking

This screen format at 2560 x 1080 therefore offers 33% more screen size compared to a typical 1080p screen (1920×1080).

Buy the LG UltraWide 29-inch screen for €179 at Amazon

It is an IPS panel offering 99% of sRGBtherefore a respect for the realism of the colors of a very good level. The screen supports the HDR 10 standardwhich will allow you to enjoy colors with improved brightness, which will be appreciated by anyone working on graphics or video.

You have therefore understood that coupled with a powerful graphics card, this screen can save you monstrous productivity in graphics applications used in multi-tasking. It is thus very easy, even standard, to display two anchored windows simultaneously on this type of screen, without loss of information.

It’s a setup ideal therefore to have a web page on one side and your work tool on the other. Besides, the advantage compared to having two screens is that you don’t have the unsightly edges in the center!

This monitor also has a control program in order to best configure your workspace with pre-set layouts.

One of the cheapest widescreens on the market

If the LG UltraWide was not first designed for gaming, it nevertheless allows you to run your games smoothly with 75Hz refresh rate and AMD Freesync support to eliminate jerks and tearing effects.

In addition, the edges of this screen are very thin for better immersion in your work or in game.

This LG Ultra Wide is certainly one of the cheapest widescreens on the marketwhich is a very good point if you have a reduced budget or if you want to increase your number of monitors for work without breaking the bank.

LG UltraWide: a complete 29-inch screen for €179

This ultra-complete monitor, also equipped with two built-in 5W MaxxAudio speakerswhich is handy if you don’t have dedicated speakers.

The connection will be made through two HDMI ports on the back. The big advantage of having a single large screen rather than two will also come from energy consumptionmuch reduced in this case since you only supply one screen.

This 29-inch LG UltraWide is therefore a very good plan, which will allow you to boost your productivity significantly for a frankly reduced price.

Buy the LG UltraWide 29-inch screen for €179 at Amazon

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Sharp drop on this UltraWide PC screen ideal for teleworking!