Step into home automation with the 4th Gen Echo Dot

News good plan Step into home automation with the 4th Gen Echo Dot

Amazon’s star connected speaker is currently losing 42% of its price, or €25. The 4th generation Echo Dot thus goes from €59 to €34 on the merchant site. So now is the right time to transform your home into a connected home with this speaker equipped with Alexa.

the 4th generation Echo Dot at a very low price

This connected speaker is also available with its clock on sale. In itself, there is not really a difference between the two models, except for the LED display which allows you to visually consult the time, alarms and timers.

Buy the Echo Dot 4 at 34€ on Amazon

  • Buy the Echo Dot 4 with clock at 44€ at Amazon

First of all, the Echo Dot offers us a superb design. It’s small, it’s spherical, it blends into any living room with its recognizable little blue ring. Connectivity level is simplicity itself since the speaker does not have a physical input, but only an output allowing you to connect an Alexa speaker. Everything is done via Bluetooth.

The speaker therefore integrates very quickly into the Alexa Cast system and will allow you to access your favorite services like Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music or Apple Music very quickly. On the services that manage it, you also have the option of having your content in HD quality.

Multiple new features with home automation

So much for music, but with the Echo Dot you can do a whole host of things made possible by the connected home, if you have the compatible devices. Starting with switching on the lights in a room, if you have Philips Hue, for example. With some Nuki Smart Lock, you can lock and unlock your home remotely. With the Netatmo, you can control your home thermostat by voice. These are just a few examples of the potentially limitless apps you can discover with Alexa.

  • Buy the Philips Hue starter kit at 149€ at Amazon
  • Buy the Nuki Smart Lock 3.0 for 149€ at Amazon
  • Buy the Netatmo thermostat at 79€ at Amazon

Drop-in functionality is also very interesting, since you can make hands-free calls thanks to Alexa, but you can also communicate via other Echo Dot connected in the network in your house. This loudspeaker is also equipped with a privacy protection with its microphone off button which allows all microphones to be electronically disconnected.

In summary, for a gateway to the galaxy of home automation, you will not be able to find cheaper than this Echo Dot, currently on sale at Amazon.

Buy the Echo Dot 4 at 34€ on Amazon

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Step into home automation with the 4th Gen Echo Dot