The Batman: After the release, the Riddler site reveals new puzzles! Survey update

news culture The Batman: After the release, the Riddler site reveals new puzzles! Survey update

The Batman is a hit, becoming the second film to pass 100 million dollars since the start of the pandemic. A success that makes the public say that it would be a shame to stop at just one film. For now, we don’t know if a sequel is planned, but the interactive communication around the film continues.

Before the theatrical release of The Batman, a treasure hunt led fans to discover a special site, called This is a true-false site of the Riddler, which stated riddles to visitors. If you answered correctly, you could get visuals from the movie, short videos, and a few non-dive elements into the Riddler’s plan. It wasn’t much, but it offered a nice immersion all putting us in the mood.

WARNING: Everything that follows presents a real risk of spoiling if you have not yet seen Matt Reeves’ film, so be sure to continue reading.

A countdown, what next?

At the end of the credits presenting all the people who worked on The Batman, a very short sequence appeared. A black background and green characters appeared, saying “Goodbye?” and inviting us to visit the site again Upon arriving at the site in question, it is the image opposite which is forming. Strange mentions accompanied by numbers, which a priori, do not mean anything. Except we’re on the Riddler’s site, and everything makes sense. A sense that the redditor Vengeance22 think I found :

  • would refer to Detective Comics #27, released in May 1939 which featured Batman and Gordon.
  • would send us to Batman #1 in the spring of 1940, where Catwoman and the Joker show up for the first time.
  •, on the other hand, would be a reference to the debut of the Penguin in Detective Comics #58 from December 1941.
  • would collide with Detective Comics #140 from October 1948, corresponding to the first appearance of the Riddler.
  • 405.03.19.87 is related to Batman #405 from March 1987, in which Carmine Faclone is featured.
  • would correspond to Batman #16, released in April 1943, Alfred’s first appearance.
  • probably corresponds to the release date of the film
  • could be associated with the first scenario around Arkham Asylum, Batman #258. In this issue, we see for the first time the asylum, from which Harvey Dent escapes.
The Batman: After the release, the Riddler site reveals new puzzles! Survey update

Once these codes appear, they disappear to make way for the mention “click here to get a reward”, followed by a loading percentage of 41% at the time these lines are written. by clicking on the indicated place, we are sent to a new picture, containing a coded message. You can see it opposite, but its meaning is still unknown. However, fans would have already found the solution. Pending confirmation and moving to the next step, the text could mean this: “You think I’m finished, but maybe you don’t know the whole truth. Every ending is a new beginning. Something is brewing.”

Put end to end, these elements allow fans to imagine that we are already teased the next filmand that it could iIntroducing the character of Harvey Dent (Double-Face) and organize his story around arkham asylum. In any case, we should still hear about the Riddler and his cell neighbor, who shows a big smile through the bars. See you at the next riddle on !

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The Batman: After the release, the Riddler site reveals new puzzles! Survey update