The new HTC Vive Flow virtual reality headset finally available

News good plan The new HTC Vive Flow virtual reality headset finally available

A brand new product on the market, the HTC Vive Flow immersive VR glasses aim to improve your well-being on the go. Announced last October, these are finally available at 549 euros at Fnac.

Improve your well-being with the HTC Vive Flow VR immersive glasses available at Fnac.

After making its mark in the ruthless world of smartphones, HTC ended up throwing in the towel to devote itself entirely to its second activity, virtual reality headsets, more commonly known as “VR headsets”.

Not content with offering a rich range of VR headsets to play fiercely on PC with the HTC Vive Cosmos or especially the HTC Vive Pro 2 considered the best VR headset on the market, HTC is tackling a whole new, totally untapped segment, that of well-being.

To do this, HTC is completely changing its tune and offering the HTC Vive Flow, immersive VR glasses, designed for well-being on the go. The key word put forward by the brand to present its product is “serenity”.

Announced in October 2021, the HTC Vive Flow VR immersive glasses are now available for sale at Fnac at €549.

Buy HTC Vive Flow VR immersive glasses at 549€ at Fnac

Discover virtual reality with HTC Vive Flow immersive glasses

So if you were looking for an alternative to the most famous standalone VR headset, the famous Oculus Quest 2, go your way, that’s not the point here at all. Ultra light, they weigh only 189 gramsthe HTC Vive Flow glasses are above all there to offer you an immersion in the world of VR, whether through the viewing of Zen videos or the virtualization of a friendly environment to pass the time or work in peace.

A true extension of your smartphone, you can use it as a remote control or stream its content before your amazed eyes. Enjoy a moment of calm to watch concerts or rest during an ASMR session thanks to the integrated speakers.

No risk of vertigo here thanks to its 1600p sharp resolution per eye (3.2k combined) combined with a 75Hz refresh rate. Ditto for the heat and lack of comfort that can sometimes be felt with helmets that are too heavy, the active cooling system evacuates heat from the eye chamber for optimal comfort.

Note however that even if the HTC Vive Flow glasses are considered autonomous in the sense that they do not need a computer to operate, an external power source such as a battery or smartphone in reverse charge is necessary to make them work. . Last precision, the HTC Vive Flow currently only works with Android smartphones but not on iOS.

If you are interested in the new HTC Vive Flow glasses, they are already available for sale on the Fnac site at €549.

Buy HTC Vive Flow VR immersive glasses at 549€ at Fnac

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The new HTC Vive Flow virtual reality headset finally available