The Samsung Odyssey G3 PC Gamer screen sees its price drop!

News good deal The Samsung Odyssey G3 PC Gamer screen sees its price drop!

Samsung Gaming PC screens quickly established themselves as benchmarks in the genre. Combining good value for money and offering several ranges according to everyone’s needs, everyone can find what they are looking for. Even more so when these PC screens experience promotions! And this is precisely the case for the Samsung Odyssey G3.

Topbiz reduces the price of the Samsung Odyssey G3 PC Gamer screen

Samsung is one of those companies that can be found in several sectors and which always manage to hold their own. Whether in the market for telephones, TV screens or even connected watches, the Korean giant always brings quality products. Even in the ultra competitive market of PC Gamer screens, Samsung has been able to impose its mark.

Always trying to aim wide, the brand offers several ranges to be accessible to all budgets. It can start in the 200€ with the 24-inch G3 to the 49-inch Neo G9 at 2000€. For once, it is the entry level that interests us here with Topbiz which brings down the price of the Samsung Odyssey G3.

Usually sold at €279.30, the merchant offers us the Samsung Odyssey G3 Gamer PC screen at €169.12. For gamers, this is an opportunity to seize, especially if you want to renew your computer equipment.

Buy the Samsung Odyssey G3 PC Gamer screen at 169€ at Topbiz

Samsung Odyssey G3 24 inches, a super fluid PC Gamer screen

Samsung offers us here a very beautiful PC screen dedicated to gaming with ultra-thin screen edges. With its size of 24 inches, full HD (10920×1080), 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response timethe Samsung Odyssey G3 is completely designed for gamers looking for fluidity and immersion.

Another positive point with this screen, it is completely adjustable. Whether at the level its height (HAS), its inclination or its orientation. It is even possible to rotate it completely 90 degrees. Yes, it is a screen that seeks above all the comfort of its user for an optimal gaming experience. Especially with the Eye Saver and Anti Flicker modes which reduce blue light emissions as well as screen flicker.

This PC Gamer screen is also compatible with AMD FreeSync Premium. If you are equipped with a graphics card compatible with this system, this will allow the two elements to synchronize and thus considerably reduce image lag and tearing.

It is therefore possible to obtain this very good PC Gamer screen from the Samsung brand for less than 170€. Topbiz offers it to us for an even more attractive price than usual.

Buy Samsung Odyssey G3 Gamer PC screen at 169€ at Topbiz

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The Samsung Odyssey G3 PC Gamer screen sees its price drop!