The smartphone market has a clear and distinct leader, and we know why

News hardware The smartphone market has a clear and distinct leader, and we know why

In these turbulent times for the tech world, it has never been so exciting to follow the evolution of the smartphone market. The competition is extremely tough, but one leader stands out: Samsung. We tell you about it.

Some figures on the smartphone market: Samsung and Apple far ahead

That’s it, we’re already at the end of the first quarter of 2022, and it’s time for the financial report. The smartphone market is generally quite lackluster: according to the Canalysis research institute, all brands combined, smartphone shipments are down 11% for this first quarter.

This situation can be explained quite easily: the time of year is not the most buoyant and the global economic and geopolitical situation is quite tense. Confinements are resuming in China, the price of energy is rising and ever more efficient smartphones are also more and more durable… in short, the climate is not very favorable to the sale of high-tech phones.

However, Samsung’s figures are up: +5% compared to the last quarter of 2021, supposed to be the strongest of the year (end-of-year holidays, Black Friday, etc.). In total, over the last 3 months, Samsung alone has sold 24% of smartphones sold worldwide.

As you can imagine, behind the Korean giant, there is the apple. At the beginning of the year, Apple made 18% of global smartphone sales. There is still a fairly marked difference, due in particular to the average figures of the iPhone SE, a product that is nevertheless very strategic for the Cupertino company.

Smartphones: the winning strategy put in place by Samsung to dominate the competition

Samsung dominates a lot of markets (here, we are talking about smartphones but we could mention televisions for example) thanks to a strategy that has now largely proven its effectiveness: offer a product suitable for all possible and imaginable types of customers.

While Apple relies almost exclusively on the high end, Samsung offers a wide range of phones, all carried by the brand name, a guarantee of reliability in most people’s minds. Thus, just at the beginning of 2022, the Seoul firm has already released and/or announced many models:

  • First there was the Galaxy S21 FE, “ultimate” edition of the figurehead of the past year. It is a mid/high-end phone, suitable for the middle class who are looking for a high-performance product with an aggressive price-performance ratio.
  • Then there was the high-end / very high-end with the Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultraphones for tech lovers who don’t hesitate to invest more to afford the best in the world.
  • Finally, there was the entry / mid-range, the real best sellers from Samsung: the series of Galaxy A. Modern and efficient phones that suit the greatest number for a fairly contained price.

And that’s still not all, Samsung still has other tricks up its sleeve. We are thinking, for example, of the long-awaited Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Z Fold 4folding smartphones that are increasingly popular and better understood by the general public.

As you have understood, when it is well mastered, the strategy of diversification seems to be the key to success.

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The smartphone market has a clear and distinct leader, and we know why