The Witcher: the official t-shirts manage to be beautiful and cheap

News good deal The Witcher: the official t-shirts manage to be beautiful and cheap

The Witcher is a huge hit. Whether it’s the Netflix series whose season 2 was released recently or the video game whose 3rd opus was entitled to a sublime 19/20 in our columns, the Polish saga puts everyone OK. If you like Andrzej Sapkowski’s heroic fantasy universe, you can’t miss the new collection of The Witcher t-shirts and sweatshirts already on sale!

If we are talking today about The Witcher clothing collection, it is because it has just fallen on sale at frankly crazy prices for clothing of this quality. The official t-shirts are at 16.99€ and the sweatshirts are offered at 34.99€. On top of this attractive price, Zavvi adds a promo: 20% reduction from 2 items purchased. So that makes the sweatshirt at 27€ and the t-shirt at 13€. Not bad at all, right?

See the entire The Witcher collection on Zavvi

Before going a little deeper into the presentation of this collection of geek clothes (we don’t like that word either, but we don’t have any better), let’s take a quick look at the merchant, Zavvi. Since you probably don’t know it, it seems important to us not to ignore this point.

In the UK, Zavvi is one of the great leaders in the entertainment market. In France, the site is already well established, more than you might think. Do you remember Virgin Megastore, Fnac’s former great rival in France? Well Zavvi bought out Virgin Megastore.

You can therefore fully trust this merchant, rated 4.5/5 on Trustpilot. The products featured on the Zavvi site are all officially licensed: no low-end counterfeits in sight. Better, there are even a lot of official goodies (Harry Potter, Star Wars, Marvel…) that can ONLY be found on Zavvi. And all this at really aggressive prices.

Official The Witcher clothing that combines beauty and quality =.

In terms of materials, we are on classic 70% cotton and 30% polyester for more comfort. Note that the garments are all “preshrunk”. Concretely, this means that you can put them in the washing machine without risk. In terms of sizes, everything is available between XS and XXL.

All clothing from the new The Witcher collection is unisex. The form is displayed as “regular”, which is quite permissive. If you like to wear your tops oversized, buying one of these clothes in XL does not give a “potato bag” effect.

In terms of design, the collection is based on the Netflix adaptation of the witcher. We won’t spoil everything for you, don’t hesitate to check the different patterns for yourself. You will see, there are some nice surprises. It’s always nice to see officially licensed clothing that’s completely wearable on a daily basis.

See the entire The Witcher collection on Zavvi

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The Witcher: the official t-shirts manage to be beautiful and cheap