This fully assembled gaming PC costs less than a graphics card!

News good deal This fully assembled gaming PC costs less than a graphics card!

This beginning of the year 2022 is very particular in terms of hardware since it is sometimes more profitable to obtain a fully assembled gaming PC than a graphics card sold alone. This is the case of this HP Pavilion Gaming which goes from €649 to €579 at Cdiscount, with the HP reimbursement offer of €70, a very attractive price if you want to start gaming on a fixed PC without to be ruined.

HP Pavilion Gaming: an excellent gateway to PC gaming

You will therefore have a PC with a more than advantageous price/quality ratio, since it is also delivered with its HP mouse and a mouse pad.. No need to put tons in your desktop PC with this HP solution, since a keyboard, a screen, speakers or headphones will be enough to start playing comfortably.

Buy the HP Pavilion Gaming desktop PC for €579 at Cdiscount

This PC is designed to run under AMD torque with a six-core Ryzen 5 4600G processor boosted at 4.2 GHZ and a Radeon RX 5500 4 GB GDDR6 graphics card. It’s a very good combo if you just play low-powered E-sport games like League Of Legends or Counter-Strike GO, on which you will have very good performance. Same thing for competitive strategy games like Starcraft II or Age of Empires 4 where you won’t have to worry about framerate drops. The graphics card connects via DisplayPort or HDMI.

HP Pavilion Gaming: one of the cheapest PCs on the market

To considerably boost the power of your PC in game, nothing could be simpler. IYou just need to add an 8 GB bar to the 8 GB preinstalled in your PC, which will increase the total to 16 GB and will allow you without much effort and at a very correct price to play really comfortably. You don’t even need a screwdriver to add RAM to a desktop PC since it clips directly onto the motherboard.

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Storage level, the PC is well supplied with 128 GB of SSD which will allow you to host the OS as well as the essential applications of your machine, expanded with a 1 TB hard drive running at 7200 rpm. You have enough to install a nice Steam library without adding anything at the start. The Realtek network card allows you to connect to Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth.

Note however, the PC is supplied without OS. However, this is not a problem for users who can obtain a Windows 10 key at their own expense quite easily online, even less for those who prefer to try gaming under Linux with Vulkan and Proton solutions which do a lot for compatibility. on these machines, not to mention the release of the Steam Deck which will certainly boost the development of tools for playing on a Linux environment.

It is therefore an entry-level PC without fuss, but which does the job, that Cdiscount presents to us, with an HP ODR which makes the price even more interesting.

Buy the HP Pavilion Gaming desktop PC for €579 at Cdiscount

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This fully assembled gaming PC costs less than a graphics card!