This iMac with M1 chip on sale is just perfect!

News good plan This iMac with M1 chip on sale is just perfect!

Flash sales aren’t just on Amazon. The proof is this iMac with M1 chip which has everything to make you dream and which goes from 2359€ to 2179€ at Darty, a reduction of 180€ all the same for an all-in-one computer design and overpowered.

The M1 chip in the new iMac, and an all-new design

At first glance, the biggest difference with the previous version of the iMac is its new design, a true homage to large ovoid cathode-ray screens with flashy colors.

Buy the iMac M1 of 1TB and 16 GB SSD at 2179€ at Darty

Apple has thus kept the emblematic colors of the iMac collection of the time, with an engineering that can only make users who have known the old versions dream. Judge: the screen (which still includes the entire computer, for those who have lived in the cave of PCists all their lives) measures only 11.5mm thick.

Despite this finesse and slender lines, the new iMac personifies Apple’s mastery with M1 chip integration who has been talked about so much. This gives you an ultra-fast eight-core processor, which can adapt to the use you make of your Mac in terms of energy.

In addition, for creators, you also have eight graphic hearts so that you can overcome any editing, design or 3D that you will have to develop. All displayed on a beautiful 23.5-inch 4.5K Retina display.

An ultimate iMac, with all the storage and RAM you need

The most affordable version of the iMac only comes with 256GB of storage and 8GB of RAM, but that’s for two simple reasons: the M1 chip is so powerful it doesn’t need so many RAM than that to provide a super smooth experience, and Apple’s cloud services are so efficient that internal storage doesn’t matter as much as it does on PC.

This version of iMac that sports the “new blue” color still has 1 TB of SSD and 16 GB of RAM ; it is not “overkill” and will be perfectly suitable for users requiring more storage and more RAM for demanding tasks, such as editing or rendering video for example.

A perfect computer to work with the rest of the Apple ecosystem

As a reminder, if you already use an iPhone or iPad, your new iMac will work together with your devices to bring you the best of the Apple ecosystem, whether in the cloud or shared apps.

In addition to the iMac, with this offer you also have in the box the Magic Keyboard with Touch ID and Magic Mouse. You have everything you need to get started, no need to buy a screen, keyboard, mouse, everything is included.

It is therefore a very interesting price at Darty for an iMac designed to last over time and offer you maximum productivity and quite unique user comfort. To note that you also have a €50 immediate discount and 4 months of Apple Music offered.

Buy the iMac M1 of 1TB and 16 GB SSD at 2179€ at Darty

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This iMac with M1 chip on sale is just perfect!