This Xbox Series comes with its official headset offered

News good plan This Xbox Series comes with its official headset offered

Good plan for those who planned to take Microsoft’s latest Xbox Series S: the console is currently sold with its official helmet offered at Fnac. The opportunity to take stock of a console allowing you to enjoy Xbox games dematerialized in 4K HDR.

Xbox Series S console + official headset: enter the Xbox universe

Microsoft, in the gaming sector, is beginning to have significant advantages, with the recent acquisitions of Bethesda and Activision-Blizzard.

Buy the Xbox Series S console + official headset offered at €299 at Fnac

If the Xbox Series X has caused so much digital ink to flow in recent months, it is clear that its availability has not always been up to par. The Xbox Series S is, in this context, a serious alternative to enjoy Xbox Game Pass games and the American giant’s huge toy library.

This compact console is 100% digital, that is to say you will need an internet connection to download the games to the hard drive. In return, you will have a fast ecosystem thanks to the 512 GB SSD disk for almost instantaneous loading. Processor level, it should still be remembered that the console embeds an eight-core Ryzen at 3.6 GHz. And then, it is much more aggressive in terms of price than the Series X.

Xbox Series S: an ideal console to take advantage of the Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Series S can display games in 1080p HDR resolution, and it’s also compatible with 4K HDR technology, so you can play on 4K TVs by upscaling to 2160p. It is also compatible with 120 FPS for games like Fortnite, Call of Duty: Warzone or Rocket League, which will allow you to have very good performance in demanding competitive games, if you have a high refresh rate TV. .

In terms of graphics, the Xbox Series S console is therefore not shabby, far from it, with Ray Tracing management on compatible Xbox games, but also good audio rendering with the possibility of having 3D audio rendering on games like Forza Horizon or Gears of War. The icing on the cake if you’re a long-time Xbox gamer: you can enjoy backwards compatibilityso your old Xbox One games and hundreds of Xbox 360 and Xbox premiere games on your new console.

With his official helmet offeredyou can get started on Xbox Live multiplayer games right away, especially since the Xbox Game Pass offer allows you to enjoy a plethora of award-winning Microsoft games such as the Gears or Halo series, but also titles from the EA or Bethesda collection, for 12€ per month.

Buy the Xbox Series S console + official headset offered at €299 at Fnac

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This Xbox Series comes with its official headset offered