Twitch’s newest star is straight out of an anime

Game News Twitch’s newest star is straight out of an anime

The new darling of Twitch viewers is her. Ironmouse is the new phenomenon that is driving the scores of the streaming platform crazy. With over 1.1 million subscribers, she has already become one of the site’s most followed streamers. His particuliarity ? It’s an avatar that looks like a character from an anime.

Everybody loves ironmouse

Ironmouse is the new star of the Twitch platform. Having passed the symbolic bar of one million subscribers, the streamer has a particularity that allows her to stand out strongly from her peers. Ironmouse is a 3D avatar resembling a Japanese animation character. The account is actually administered by a young woman from Puerto Rico who dons the guise of ironmouse in an effort to protect herself from the harassment that Twitch streamers regularly experience.

Far from being a neophyte, ironmouse has been sharing its passion with its community since 2017. It was only recently that it got people talking about it by surpassing the one million subscriber mark. Last March, it reached 171,800 subscribers who pay a regular subscription to be able to support their favorite streamer (the famous “subs”). Today, ironmouse is the female streamer with the most paid subscribers on Twitch and the third person on the entire site with the most paid subscribers, just behind Ninja and Ludwig. Quite a performance for a 3D avatar.

In terms of content, iron mouse is somewhat jack of all trades. Whether fighting dragons on Elden Ring or hosting a karaoke night, ironmouse is diversifying its activities to the delight of its community.

the VTuber phenomenon

Ironmouse is one representative among many others of a true digital phenomenon: the VTubers. Born six years ago in Japan, these content creators use motion capture technologies to bring to life an avatar that serves as both their representative and their brand. Over the years, the craze for VTubers continues to grow. In 2021, content produced by VTubers on Twitch grew by 467% compared to the previous year. Exponential growth that is not ready to stop according to Jason Krebs, business director for the StreamElements platform.

Streaming, anime and role-playing are three of the biggest trends today, while VTubers represent the perfect mix of these genres (…). The market has spoken and it’s clear now that content creators are enjoying immense success, with continued growth in the future. – Jason Krebs, Chief Business Officer at StreamElements.

It’s a safe bet that more and more VTubers will emerge in the near future. Consumer interest in this phenomenon also attracts large companies such as Sega or Netflix, which have already prepared their avatars. In the meantime, it is always possible to take a look at the Twitch channel of iron mouse.

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Twitch’s newest star is straight out of an anime