Voice of Cards The Forsaken Maiden: Yoko Taro (NieR) trolls us in an interview

Game News Voice of Cards The Forsaken Maiden: Yoko Taro (NieR) trolls us in an interview

On the occasion of the release of the second episode of Voice of Cards, we were able to talk to its developers including Yoko Taro, creator of the Drakengard series and NieR who officiates here as Creative Director. We were also able to ask questions to Yosuke Saito and Yuki Wada, respectively Executive Producer and screenwriter of The Forsaken Maiden.

How did the idea for Voice of Cards come about and what aspect of this original and minimalist experience interests you the most? What do you like most about his proposal?

Yoko Taro, Creative Director:

In a previous interview, I answered that we created this project for the sole purpose of giving work to my comrade Kimihiko Fujisaka (Character Designer on The Forsaken Maiden), while he was unemployed, right? Well… um… what can I say now… Ah, I know! What do you say about “After a period of intense Zen meditation in a temple in Japan, I realized the importance of eliminating the superfluous”? Sounds like a Japanese creative would say, right?

While The Isle Dragon Roars was released last October, how come this new adventure is available so soon after? Is this due to the fact that the game was originally intended to be a mobile game?

Yosuke Saito, Executive Producer:

We intended to make it a series from the start, but we kept it a secret.

Voice of Cards The Forsaken Maiden: Yoko Taro (NieR) trolls us in an interview

In The Isle Dragon Roars, we feel that the scriptwriters like to play with the codes of heroic fantasy to better divert them. Why this desire, and can we expect a similar result in The Forsaken Maiden?

Yoko Taro, Creative Director:

With the story from the previous game, I wanted to write something as close as possible to the classic fantasy tales found in Dragon Quest. The fact that the narrative is twisted is somehow due to the fact that I myself am a twisted character. For The Forsaken Maiden, the great hope of our writing team, Mr. Wada, wrote the story, so I think it should be more direct…probably…

Can we expect new connections to the NieR universe, such as The Isle Dragon Roars DLCs?

Yosuke Saito, Executive Producer:

The Forsaken Maiden has a DLC pack inspired by NieR: Automata, so be sure to check it out!

Voice of Cards The Forsaken Maiden: Yoko Taro (NieR) trolls us in an interview

Since everything is in the form of cards in Voice of Cards, the illustrations play a central role in representing the characters and their personalities. How is the process going, are the characters drawn after the script is written or vice versa?

Yuki Wada, screenwriter:

The first thing I did was write a few lines for each episode, like an outline for the overall story. Mr. Fujisaka (Character Designer) then leaves to draw all the characters based on the minimal information that I provide to him.

When the artwork is complete, we would then work on the personality of the characters to match their appearance, then give importance to the weapons they carry, and work out the details of the story.

Sometimes I get an illustration that’s way off from what I imagined and I scratch my head trying to figure out how to include that character, but I think those challenges only made the story more unique and more striking.

While the title was originally intended to be a mobile game, can we expect to see a port of The Isle Dragon Roars and The Forsaken Maiden on iOS and Android one day?

Yosuke Saito, Executive Producer:

The future… is a secret…

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Voice of Cards The Forsaken Maiden: Yoko Taro (NieR) trolls us in an interview