Warcraft: ninth extension of official WoW, new year of Hearthstone and mobile game … Blizzard takes stock of the future

Game News Warcraft: ninth extension of official WoW, new year of Hearthstone and mobile game … Blizzard takes stock of the future

Blizzard has finally come out of its silence! If the studio mentioned working on a new survival game, the studio yesterday took stock of future projects concerning its flagship license, Warcraft. New extension of WoW, new year for Hearthstone… We take stock of all this.


  • WoW: the ninth extension is becoming clearer
  • Hearthstone, a new year
  • Warcraft: the mobile game, future of the franchise

It was time ! A few weeks after the teaser on Twitter by Mike Ybarra, director of Blizzard, Warcraft finally gives some news and clarifies its future. In a post shared on the official World of Warcraft blog and on Twitter, the franchise set its sights on the future and briefly hinted at what the future holds.

WoW: the ninth extension is becoming clearer

The subject of many rumors and various fantasies (a Fortnite-style crash, dragons as a future theme), the ninth expansion of World of Warcraft has unofficially been talked about a lot in recent weeks. In question, the last major update of Shadowlands content: patch 9.2, called The End of Eternitydirects the players towards an inevitable scenario turn that constitutes a species “epilogue of Shadowlands but also many intrigues that started with Warcraft III“. Disappointed with the previous two expansions, several members of the community believe that the next World of Warcraft expansion is the last chance for Blizzard to boost the game’s esteem among players.

This ninth extension, therefore expected for many reasons, was formalized yesterday and will be presented in due form on April 19 (time unknown) by the World of Warcraft development team.. Regarding its MMO, Blizzard does not make statements around Wrath of the Lich King Classic which some files seemed to have been spotted last week. There is no doubt that if the project exists, it will be announced in due time.

Hearthstone, a new year

But of course, the Warcraft franchise is not limited to WoW. Since 2014, the Hearthstone card game has taken over the universe of the saga in a game available on PC, Mac and mobiles. Since 2016, the card game has adopted an annual format for releasing expansions: each year highlights a specific theme during which three expansions are released in accordance with this theme. From March 2021 to March 2022 passed the Year of the Griffin, which saw three sets of cards agree on the Horde and Alliance conflict. Furthermore, it should be noted that 2021 saw the birth of the fundamental set: “it is free for everyone and replaces the basic and classic maps of Standard mode” and is obtained by leveling each class to level 10.

The year of the Griffon is therefore coming to an end and the changes to this fundamental set are eagerly awaited to bring the game back to life. Don’t panic, since it’s the March 15 that announcements will be made in this regard :

On March 15, the Hearthstone development team will share details about the first of three expansions planned for this year. Following this, she will provide more information on plans for Hearthstone in 2022, including annual changes to the core set.

As for the new extension of World of Warcraft, nothing has been specified upstream but knowing that announcements are planned soon will reassure players of the card game.

Warcraft: the mobile game, future of the franchise

This is the project of which we know the least today: a new game set in the Warcraft universe is in development. Formalized during the publication of the financial results of Activision-Blizzard, the game will be intended for mobile devices and that it “will bring exclusive Warcraft content (…) to players for the first time“. ”’The appointment is therefore made for the month of May since John Hight, General Manager of Warcraft, promises to talk about it in detail at that time.

If this is only information related to the Warcraft universe, we can hope for news from Overwatch soon. Also in Mike Ybarra’s tweet published at the end of January, the director of Blizzard had implied that information related to the FPS would be shared. Regarding Diablo IV, we can expect news of the next opus no later than March 31 with the publication of the developer diary.

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Warcraft: ninth extension of official WoW, new year of Hearthstone and mobile game … Blizzard takes stock of the future