We found how to read the Pokémon manga for free!

News good deal We found how to read the Pokémon manga for free!

Are you a teacher, librarian or simply a parent looking for a fun and educational way to work with children? We advise you to take a look at this site which offers free comics and educational sheets!

An event to promote comics

48H BD is an event dedicated, as its name suggests, to comics. Taking place once a year, this national event aims to highlight comics in all its forms. It is set up by an association of 11 publishers: Akata, Ankama, Delcourt, Glénat, La Gouttière, Jungle, Kennes, Kurokawa, nobi nobi!, Pika Edition and Soleil.

Thus, every year for two days, 250,000 titles are sold at the public price of 2 euros in the network of partner bookstores.

Read free comics on the 48H BD website

Comics have never looked so good! With 85 million copies sold in 2021 and a turnover up by more than 50% compared to the previous year, it appeals to everyone. Thus, one out of four books purchased is a comic strip.

So until the end of April, on the 48hbd.com site, you will find 10 free-to-read comic book titles. We present you some titles below.

Free comics for all ages

The selection of 48H BD has been designed to satisfy as many children and teenagers as possible. We find among these the Pokémon manga that we no longer present, but also:

  • The French manga “City Hall”:
    A dystopia that takes place in an alternative 20th century where writing, deemed dangerous, has been banned. Famous authors Jules Verne and Arthur Conan Doyle accompany the police of City Hall in their investigation of Black Fowl, a criminal who brings creatures to life with ink and paper.
  • The science fiction comic “Obie Koul”:
    Winner of the Angoulême College Prize 2020
    Mia, a resident of Earth, is kidnapped by Elzeki, an alien during an exploration mission. They fall in love and separate, but from their love is born a son, Obie. At 12, he learns the truth about his father’s origins. The teenager will now have to spend every other weekend and half of the school holidays on another planet.
  • For young girls, “Les Tutos de Lila”:
    For girls who grow up and are crossed by the same questions about their bodies, Lila’s notebook will be a real gold mine! The authors have chosen to orient their point of view on the psychological side of the changes experienced at this age by young girls. They therefore take the tangent and influence confidence and self-esteem in their readers.
  • For those looking for answers, “Alice and Simon ask lots of questions”:
    Alice is 8 years old and Simon is 13. We follow them in their daily life: at home, with family, at school, on vacation… through their cat, Socrate. He plays the role of guide and, through his thoughts, invites the reader to ask questions and to philosophize, while having fun!

Read free comics on the 48H BD website

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We found how to read the Pokémon manga for free!