Xiaomi Mi 3: the princess of electric scooters is at a price to die for

News good plan Xiaomi Mi 3: the princess of electric scooters is at a price to die for

Undoubtedly, the most popular electric scooter on the market is the Xiaomi Mi Pro 2. But did you know that, since October, the Mi 3, the ultimate version of the Chinese giant’s best seller, has already been released? Better, today, Cdiscount is selling this beautiful baby on sale at a very aggressive price.

According to the CEO of Xiaomi France, France is the country where Xiaomi sells the most electric scooters in the world. This market is booming and does not seem about to stop given the practicality of “soft mobility” in large cities. After the huge box of the Xiaomi Mi Pro 2, the top of the range from the Chinese giant that has become a reference model in its sector, here is the Xiaomi Mi 3!

Good news, the Mi 3 is cheaper than its big sister! At the moment, she is even benefiting from an additional discount on Cdiscount. Thanks to the operation
Cdiscount at will
”, the big online sales brand will reimburse you 20€ on your Cdiscount pot after the purchase of the Xiaomi Mi Pro 3. It is therefore at 429€ while the Mi Pro 2 still caps at 549€. With such value for money, hard to resist.

Buy the Xiaomi Mi 3 at 429€ on Cdiscount

Features: the big differences between the Xiaomi Mi Pro 2 and the Xiaomi Mi 3

In terms of design, almost nothing changes between the Mi Pro 2 and the Mi 3. The architecture of the beast is almost exactly the same: the screen is in the same place with the same information, the wheels are same diameter etc. That being said, some invisible changes have been made. The braking system is better (double pads), the air tires are more flexible, the aluminum alloy is stronger than ever (and it obtains a certification used in aeronautics). We also appreciate the considerable weight loss : 1 kg. The Mi Pro 2 is 14.2 kg and the Mi 3 is only 13.2.

The Xiaomi Mi 3 is a particularly powerful electric scooter. Why ? Even if the power of the 2 models is 600 W maximumm, the M3 gets a dual-motor system. In terms of speed on public roads, having a maximum of power does not change anything since French law still limits scooters to 25 km/h. On the other hand, this changes everything in terms of acceleration, which is likely to become much faster, the ability to swallow up slightly steep climbs and the weight that the scooter can carry without flinching.

This potato gain has a counterpart: a loss of autonomy. The Pro 2 is famous for its 45 km range per charge. It’s huge, worthy of the high end and its reputation. The Xiaomi Mi 3 swallows 30 km per charge, which is quite correct but not exceptional. It’s the price to pay for lighter weight and greater power. Note, however, that the battery of the Mi 3 recharges in 1 hour less than that of the Pro 2. Thanks to the new standby mode, the battery also gains in life.

Finally, note that this is a connected scooter with a fairly complete application. In short, for an electric scooter cheaper than its big sister, the Xiaomi Mi 3 is far from ridiculous next to it.

Buy the Xiaomi Mi 3 at 429€ on Cdiscount

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Xiaomi Mi 3: the princess of electric scooters is at a price to die for