You can earn money by going to buy bread (it’s real)

News hardware You can earn money by going to buy bread (it’s real)

At the moment, an application on IOS and Android is starting to be talked about. It’s called WeWard, and the principle is very simple: you earn money, literally, simply by walking. The info is unusual, interesting, and linked to the tech world, so we’re telling you about it!

WeWards: Yes, you can earn money by walking the streets

First of all, we assure you that this news is in no way sponsored by anyone. Like that, it is said.

Cocorico, WeWard is an application created by a french startup. Given the number of people the company is looking to recruit (we found plenty of job descriptions on the application site), WeWard seems to be booming.

While the app was launched in 2019, press publications, including this one, have only been increasing for a few days. WeWard officially declares 7 million users but there is no doubt that the 10 million mark will be crossed in a relatively short time.

As said in the introduction, WeWard is an application that allows you to earn or save a little money: we call it earning apps. The best known of these is probably Too Good To Go, which allows you to buy baskets of unsold food at a very low price.

With WeWard, you earn money… by walking.

The app counts your steps via the pedometer from your smartphone. Impossible to cheat by shaking your phone in all directions since to validate the money collected throughout the day, you must wait to have an internet connection. In addition to the pedometer, the application will check that your steps have been taken thanks to the GPS.

According to the creators of WeWard, the philisophy behind the creation of the application was simply to encourage urban dwellers to leave their homes and encourage them to move around by walking (for obvious health and ecological reasons). The bet seems successful since the site of the application boasts of an average increase of 24% in the walking time of its users.

In principle, it’s a bit of a dream. You just have to go for a walk, walk to work, take your dog out, do your shopping etc and poof, you earn money. Is it that easy? How does it actually work?

You can earn money by going to buy bread (it's real)

So the first question we asked ourselves is: how does WeWard make its money, how is the business profitable? If the principle boils down to making transfers to people who walk a lot, it is difficult to understand how the salaries of WeWard employees are paid at the end of the month.

To answer this question, it is necessary to understand the principle of WeWard. When you walk, you do not earn euros directly in a pot, but “Wards”. It is these Wards that you exchange later for a transfer to your bank account (but this can also be vouchers, gifts or a donation to an association).

A Ward is not even worth a euro cent (it is worth €0.007) and you cannot make a transfer until you have accumulated 3000 Wards, the equivalent of €20.

How soon is this possible? If you’re just walking, it’s 4 months minimum. The number of daily Wards depends on the number of your steps, but it is capped at 25 Wards per day (for 20,000 steps, which is worthy of our best hours of summer 2016 on Pokémon GO).

You can earn money by going to buy bread (it's real)

With walking, Wards are earned in tiers :

  • 1500 steps = 1 Ward
  • 3000 steps = 3 Wards
  • 6500 steps = 6 Wards
  • 10,0000 steps = 10 Wards
  • 15,000 steps = 15 Wards
  • 20,000 steps = 25 Wards.

Although a few small daily challenges resembling free-to-play mobile game tasks (examples: visiting a park, validating your steps at such a time, running a sponsorship code, etc.) allow you to increase the number of daily Wards that can be accumulated while walking, which that’s not how you’re going to save a lot of money.

This is where there is a twist. In reality, walking is only one of the ways to generate these famous Wards. It is the most original and the best seller, therefore the most highlighted. But, you guessed it, it is not by making you swallow kilometers that WeWard earns money.

You can earn money by going to buy bread (it's real)You can earn money by going to buy bread (it's real)

The company owns partnerships with a lot of online merchants. By going through their affiliate links for your purchases, you put money in your kitty, and, on their side, they will earn a small percentage of what you paid in commission.

WeWard also has partnerships with very physical merchants, who pay WeWard either in commission or directly “in flat”, we don’t know.

While encouraging people to walk, the application also encourages them to consume in partner shops. For example, for 5€ disbursed at such a merchant, you will be entitled to 200 Wards at once, the equivalent of what is earnable in ten days of intensive walking. It’s tempting.

And that’s still not all! You can also watch ads on the application to win 1 small Ward or answer surveys to win a few dozen etc.

Since these alternative methods are particularly profitable for consumers, many people use them on a daily basis. This is how WeWard pays its employees.

So, good plan or scam? Now that you know everything, it’s up to you to form your own opinion.

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You can earn money by going to buy bread (it’s real)