Youtube: following a hack, Michou’s channel has been deleted from the platform!

Personality News Youtube: following a hack, Michou’s channel has been deleted from the platform!

All it took was an email and a screenshot shared by the Youtube star to shake the huge community of subscribers — we’re talking about more than seven million people who follow his videos on the platform — present around it: its main channel was suspended by the platform, following a hack that occurred at the end of last week. Since then, the YouTuber has still not regained control of his account, where hundreds of videos are teeming.


  • A hack and malicious broadcasts
  • Main channel still suspended, gaming channel spared

A hack and malicious broadcasts

On the morning of April 11, taken aback by the email he had just received, the friend of Inoxtag hastened to alert, a second time, his community via the various social networks on which it is possible to follow his days. and its activities. If the message posted on Twitter allows us to quickly understand the concern that the YouTube star is experiencing, the owner of the channel took the time to express himself on Instagram, in the process, in order to make it the story to his followers. In reality, the announcement and the sanction imposed by the platform is not a hoax, or even an error, but does follow an event that took place on Friday, April 9.

The young man with 7 million subscribers on YouTube is not the only one to have been targeted. For the past few days, some content creators have been rushing to warn those who follow them assiduously of the hacking, or at least the attempt, of their account. Unfortunately for him, his main channel was the victim of a hack: his profile picture, his banner image and even the name of his channel were changed, displaying a visual stamped “Tesla LIVE”.. A technical incident which set fire to the powder for the young videographer, because the hack gave rise to promoting a cryptocurrency scama type of content that is prohibited on the video platform because of its non-compliance with the rules.

Main channel still suspended, gaming channel spared

In the content published without his knowledge on his channel, Hackers Invited Fans To Transfer Bitcoins To Tesla Founder To Double Their Donation And Re-send Them. At present, it is difficult to know how such a situation, with serious consequences for Michou, occurred. Whatever, youtube bot — a sort of moderation bot that analyzes the content broadcast and the associated accounts — did not discriminate and reportedly reported this breach of platform rules, resulting in account suspension this morning.

Unfortunately, since this morning, the situation seems frozen. Around 3 p.m., Michou reported on Twitter that the channel had still not returned, and since then no news. This error of assessment of one of the tools used by the platform was reported to the site teams, to whom Michou took the time to explain the situation. Just this weekend, the secondary channel of the videographer, who mainly made himself known thanks to Fortnite, had a new video and his community had no idea that such an incident was going to happen.despite the vigilance that the latter has always shown, as he explains on his social networks.

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Youtube: following a hack, Michou’s channel has been deleted from the platform!