June 12, 2021

Euro 2021: 5 fast facts you need to know

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A general view during an Italy training session prior to the UEFA Euro 2020 Group A match between Italy and Turkey at the Olympic Stadium on June 10, 2021 in Rome, Italy.

After a year of delay due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the 16th edition of the Eurocup is finally here. There are only hours left until the start of the European competition and meeting the next European champion, a crown currently held by Portugal and to which 24 European teams aspire.

It is Friday June 11 In the evening hours, the European contest will officially begin from the width of the Old Continent, passing from London to Baku and from Copenhagen to Seville, for the coveted Henri Delaunay trophy.

This is what you should know:

1. When and where does Euro 2021 start?

The contest in the old continent officially begins this Friday, June 11, 2021, with the match between Turkey and Italy, which will be played at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, in Italy, starting at 3:00 p.m. United States time. The tournament will last one month, that is, the final will be on July 11, 2021, which will be held at the legendary London Wembley stadium.

It should be noted that on the opening day, they invited Italian football legends Francesco Totti and Alessandro Nesta to open the tournament, which will receive a total of 16,000 spectators, taking into account the sanitary measures required by Covid-19, of according to UEFA.

As for the opening show, 24 large balloons will symbolize the participating selections and the invited artists will be Andrea Bocelli, who will perform “Nessun Dorma” in conjunction with the opera Turandot by Puccini. Then Martin Garrix, Bono and The Edge, authors of the official song of the Eurocup, “We Are The People”, will participate virtually.

Similarly, the Italian National Police Orchestra will be present and one will be choreographed by dancers.

Martin Garrix feat. Bono & The Edge – We Are The People [UEFA EURO 2020 Song] (Official Video)Martin Garrix feat. Bono & The Edge – We Are The People [Official UEFA EURO 2020 Song] ♫ We Are The People is out now: stmpd.co/EURO2020 I can finally share my new song We Are The People featuring Bono & The Edge from U2, which is the official song for this year’s UEFA EURO2020 football…2021-05-13T22:48:38Z

2. What will be the venues for Euro 2021?

To play Euro 2021, UEFA has designated a total of 11 venues and 11 stadiums in which it will be known as the competition progresses, who will reach the final and will be the champion of the tournament in this new edition.

These are the venues chosen by UEFA:

Sevilla Spain): La Cartuja Stadium, with capacity for 60,000 spectators
Rome Italy): Olympic of Rome, with capacity for 72,300 spectators
Amsterdam (Netherlands): Johan Cruyff Arena, with a capacity for 53,052 spectators.
Munich, Germany): Allianz Arena in Munich, with a capacity for 75,000 spectators.
London England): Wembley Stadium, with a capacity for 90,652 spectators. The final, the semi-finals, two round of 16 matches and three group stage games will be played.
Bucharest (Romania): National Arena. 54,851 of audience.
Saint Petersburg (Russia): Saint Petersburg Stadium, with capacity for 61,251 spectators. For six games in the group stage and one in the quarterfinals.
Baku (Azerbaijan): Baku Olympic Stadium, for 69,870 people.
Budapest (Hungary): Ferenc Puskas Arena. 68,156 persons.
Copenhagen (Denmark): Parking stadium. 42,305 personas.
Glasgow (Scotland): Hampden Park. 51.472 personas.

3. UEFA EURO 2021 groups

In the Eurocup there will be a total of six groups, each of them, made up of four National Teams. Everyone will play against everyone in the tournament. And the first two of each zone will qualify and the four best third parties go to the round of 16.

Group A:
– Turkey
– Italy
– Gales
– Swiss

B Group:
– Denmark
– Finland
– Belgium
– Russia

Group C:
– Netherlands
– Ukraine
– Austria
– North Macedonia

Group D:
– England
– Croatia
– Scotland
– Czech Republic

Group E:
– Spain
– Sweden
– Poland
– Slovakia

Group F:
– Hungary
– Portugal
– France
– Germany

4. Fixture of Euro 2021

The opening match of the Eurocup will be played this Friday, June 11 at the Olympic Stadium in Rome corresponding to Group A between Italy and Turkey. This will kick off a full month of matches, leading up to the final on Sunday July 11 at Wembley. Note that most matches will be played in the US mornings or afternoons, taking into account the time change with Europe.

Group stage:

Group A:

• Fri 11/6: Turkey – Italy (Rome)
• Sat 12/6: Wales v Switzerland (Baku)
• Wed 6/16: Turkey v Wales (Baku)
• Wed 16/6: Italy v Switzerland (Rome)
• Sun 6/20: Switzerland v Turkey (Baku)
• Sun 20/6: Italy – Gales (Rome)

B Group:

• Sat 12/6: Denmark – Finland (Copenhagen)
• Sat 12/6: Belgium v ​​Russia (Saint Petersburg)
• Wed 6/16: Finland v Russia (Saint Petersburg)
• Thu 17/6: Denmark v Belgium (Copenhagen)
• Mon 21/6: Russia v Denmark (Copenhagen)
• Mon 21/6: Finland v Belgium (Saint Petersburg)

Group C:

• Sun 13/6: Austria vs Macedonia del Norte (Bucharest)
• Sun 6/13: Netherlands – Ukraine (Amsterdam)
• Thu 6/17: Ukraine – North Macedonia (Bucharest)
• Thu 17/6: Netherlands v Austria (Amsterdam)
• Mon 21/6: North Macedonia – Netherlands (Amsterdam)
• Mon 21/6: Ukraine – Austria (Bucharest)

Group D:

• Sun 6/13: England v Croatia (London)
• Mon 14/6: Scotland v Czech Republic (Glasgow)
• Fri 18/6: Croatia – Czech Republic (Glasgow)
• Fri 6/18: England v Scotland (London)
• Mar 22/6: Croatia v Scotland (Glasgow)
• Mar 22/6: Czech Republic v England (London)

Group E:

• Mon 14/6: Poland – Slovakia (Saint Petersburg)
• Mon 14/6: Spain – Sweden (Seville)
• Fri 18/6: Sweden – Slovakia (Saint Petersburg)
• Sat 19/6: Spain – Poland (Seville)
• Wed 6/23: Slovakia – Spain (Seville)
• Wed 6/23: Sweden v Poland (Saint Petersburg)

Group F:

• Mar 15/6: Hungary – Portugal (Budapest)
• Mar 15/6: France v Germany (Munich)
• Sat 19/6: Hungary v France (Budapest)
• Sat 19/6: Portugal v Germany (Munich)
• Wed 6/23: Portugal v France (Budapest)
• Wed 6/23: Germany v Hungary (Munich)

Round of 16:

• Sat 26/6: 2nd Group A – 2nd Group B (Amsterdam (38)
• Sat 26/6: 1st Group A – 2nd Group C (London) (37)
• Sun 27/6: 1st Group C – 3rd Group D/E/F (Budapest) (40)
• Sun 6/27: 1st Group B – 3rd Group A/D/E/F (Sevilla) (39)
• Lun 6/28: 2nd Group D – 2nd Group E (Copenhagen) (42)
• Mon 28/6: 1 ° Group F – 3 ° Group A / B / C (Bucharest) (41)
• Tue 29/6: 1st Group D – 2nd Group F (London) (44)
• Mar 29/6: 1st Group E – 3rd Group A/B/C/D (Glasgow) (43)

Quarter finals:

• Wed 7/2: Winner 41 v Winner 42 (St. Petersburg) (45)
• Wed 7/2: Winner 39 – Winner 37 (Munich) (46)
• Thu 3/7: Winner 40 – Winner 38 (Baku) (47)
• Thu 3/7: Winner 43 – Winner 44 (Roma) (48)


• Mar 6/7: Winner 46 – Winner 45 (London)
• Wed 7/7: Winner 48 – Winner 48 (London)


• Sun 7/11: Winner SF1 v Winner SF2 (London)

5. How will I be able to watch EURO 2021 in the United States?

The transmission rights of the Eurocup vary depending on the television channels in each country and in the same way, it depends on the Online platforms that each user has to be able to enjoy a whole month of football.

But, as regards the territory of the United States, if you want to see the tournament on the old continent, you can see all the games live through the television networks ESPN, TUDN USA and Univisión. At Univision NOW, for a cost of $ 10.99 a month, you can enjoy the EURO.

Similarly, to see the first game this Friday, June 11, it will be broadcast through SiriusXM FC, ESPN, TUDN Radio, TUDN.com, Univision NOW, TUDN App, Univision and TUDN USA, according to LiveSoccerTV.

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