June 12, 2021

Europe will not use Janssen batches produced in the US since April

A The European Union will not use any batch of vaccine against Covid-19 Janssen produced in April at the plant in Maryland, in the United States. The European Medicines Agency (EMA) announced this Friday that it was aware that a batch of that vaccine was contaminated with materials from another drug produced at the same factory.

“EU authorities are aware that a batch of Janssen’s Covid-19 vaccine has been contaminated with materials from another vaccine manufactured in the same location”, reads in the statement, which adds that the batch in question was not intended for the European market.

Even so, the regulator decided, “as a precaution” and “to safeguard the quality of the vaccines”, not to use any batch of this vaccine produced at the same time as the contamination occurred.

European health authorities are doing their best to “safeguard supplies and mitigate the effects of any delay in the delivery of this vaccine”.

At issue will be the factory where, in April, the Food and Drug Administration (US food and drug regulatory body) suspended the production of that vaccine, after it was disclosed that the plant located in Baltimore (Maryland) had mixed ingredients Johnson & Johnson vaccines and AstraZeneca pharmaceuticals.

The EMA adds that an inspection of this factory is underway and guarantees that it will continue to work with the Food and Drug Administration and other international partners to ensure that vaccines in the EU meet “the highest quality standards”.

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