June 16, 2021

Green election manifesto: Baerbock threatens to shift to the left in battle votes

NThe CDU and CSU always have no election platform for the federal election. With the Greens, on the other hand, there is enough material for several: The basis for the draft of the program that is to be decided on at the weekend has been written over 3000 amendments.

Federal Managing Director Michael Kellner spoke of the “most intensely discussed election program in green history”. The support of 20 members was enough to propose an amendment. A commission has already adopted some of the 3280 proposals, such as editorial changes. The committee members, who are also in communication with the Federal Executive Committee around Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck, have bundled other applications and compromised them.

However, when it comes to the issues of climate, transport and housing, which may be decisive for the election, there is a threat of fighting votes with which the grassroots could shift the program significantly to the left – up to “socialization”, ie expropriation, which the Green Youth would like to see. An overview of the sticking points.

Germany, no thanks?

There is already a dispute over the first word of the program title “Germany. Everything is included. ”The Kreuzberg green Michael Sebastian Schneiß demands that“ Germany ”be deleted from the title. “The focus of our politics is on people in their dignity and freedom. And not Germany, ”it is said to justify. Schneiß works for the Green MEP Erik Marquardt.

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He is supported by over 300 members, including candidates for the Bundestag. Timon Dzienus, federal board member of the Green Youth, is one of the supporters. In the past, Dzienius has shown solidarity with the left-wing extremist organization Endegebiet, among others.

Another amendment requesting the word “Germany” in the title was initiated by Peter Konrad Müller from the Hamm district association. Müller and more than 20 supporters suggest replacing the word “Germany” with “green”, ie “green. Everything is included. “The word” Germany “could” be associated with very negative “, the applicants justify their request for change. In addition, the title is “meaningless” and shows parallels to the election manifesto of the AfD, which is entitled “Germany. But normal. ”Has chosen.

CO2-Price: 60, 80 or even 120 euros per ton?

The draft of the election manifesto of the Greens envisages bringing forward the increase in the CO2 price to 60 euros per ton by 2023. So far, an increase to 55 euros from currently 25 euros is planned by 2025.

That doesn’t go far enough for Fridays for Future activist Jakob Blasel, who is striving for the Greens in Schleswig-Holstein in the Bundestag. He calls for an increase to 120 euros per ton within two years. Thereafter, the price should increase by a further 20 euros per year. In order to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius, an increase is needed that goes beyond the previous draft of the election program, writes Blasel in his explanation.

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Aral petrol station with the Aral logo and petrol price board seen from the street.  Cologne, May 13th, 2020

With 80 euros there could be a compromise between the federal board and the base. “60 euros is a good start, but not enough. We have to start with 80 euros and then increase by 15 euros annually, ”said Blasel on Wednesday. However, consumers and companies would also be burdened with another 80 euros per ton.

With a debate about an increase in the price of gasoline by 16 cents, which is about one CO2-Price of 60 euros per ton, Chancellor candidate Annalena Baerbock had already received clear criticism. The Greens are striving to introduce energy money with which the additional income from the CO2-Pricing should be returned to the citizens.

New construction and expansion stop for motorways?

Blasel and Fridays for Future activists also called for an immediate new and expansion stop for highways in Germany. The highways are not compatible with the 1.5 degree target. A proposal by the application commission, i.e. a possible compromise that already bundles several change requests, provides for a significant reduction in the number of new and expanded motorways and trunk roads.

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Existing projects and sections under construction should be subjected to a climate and environmental check – and stopped if necessary. The idea goes back to the Berlin top candidate of the Greens for the parliamentary elections in September, Bettina Jarasch. In the capital, the SPD, the Left and the Greens have been at odds over the expansion of the A100 city motorway for years.

Speed ​​limit like in the Netherlands?

“Free travel for free citizens” has never been particularly popular with the Greens. A general speed limit on motorways is therefore set as a requirement. The maximum speed is controversial: the draft program provides for a speed limit of 130 kilometers per hour on motorways. The mobility and traffic working group wants to go further and limit the speed on motorways to 100 km / h. Tempo 70 should apply on country roads, tempo 30 in urban areas. The model is the Netherlands.

Rent caps and expropriations?

In May, the Federal Constitutional Court overturned the Berlin rent cap. The red-red-green state government is now trying to introduce the rent cap with an initiative in the Federal Council across Germany. At the request of the Berlin Greens, the demand for a nationwide rent cap – claused as “rent ceilings in existing buildings” – has already been included in the draft of the election program.

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An activist in a ghost costume holds a protest sign into the camera near the organization office of the referendum “Deutsche Wohnen & Co. expropriate”.  The sign reads

Referendum against Deutsche Wohnen

A battle vote threatens the issue of expropriations: The Green Youth demands that this be included in the election program. “In order to curb the speculation with the basic right of housing, the socialization of the holdings of large housing groups may be necessary,” writes the federal executive committee of the young people of the party in the corresponding application. So far there has been no compromise.

Job guarantee by the state?

Also from the pen of the Green Youth is the suggestion that unemployed people who have lost their job through no fault of their own should be offered municipal work. “Millions of people are looking for work and are involuntarily unemployed,” says the application. “They need a job guarantee that provides well-paid jobs in the municipality.” This guarantees full employment and acts as an “automatic stimulus package for times of economic downturn”. The demand to raise the minimum wage to 13 euros immediately is also up for a vote. So far, the draft program foresees an increase from the current 9.50 to 12 euros.

Right to vote from 14 years of age?

The proposal to lower the voting age for Bundestag and European elections to 14 years is also radical. The demand, which will be voted on at the weekend, was introduced by Annkatrin Esser, the top candidate of the Berlin Green Youth. Esser is also involved in the left-wing extremist organization Endegebiet and posed with a sign and the inscription after the local branch in Berlin was classified accordingly by the protection of the constitution #ichbinlinksextrem on the Internet.

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The largely digital party convention of the Greens begins on Friday afternoon and is expected to end on Sunday afternoon. On Saturday afternoon, Baerbock is to be formally confirmed as candidate for chancellor, in the same vote the top duo from Baerbock and co-party leader Robert Habeck are also up for election.

Whatever the program will look like later: The pressure from Friday for Future activists, supporters of the referendum for expropriations and even openly left-wing extremists will make it difficult for Annalena Baerbock to promote green politics even among voters in the center.

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