June 16, 2021

How to improve Windows 10 startup by enabling this simple option

Optimizing Windows 10 is not a difficult process and any user can do it using the right options.

One of the lesser known options is well present and easily accessible. It allows to improve the startup of Windows 10, making this operating system faster in terms of availability and in the way it can be used immediately.


There are many options that Microsoft has put in Windows to make it better over time. These can be activated in specific situations and to make this system even more capable of giving the user what he wants from his computer at any time.

The option that we bring today allows it to be available to the user faster and much better. For this, Windows tries to start the apps that were active before the system restarts. That way, everything gets ready sooner.

How to improve Windows 10 startup

Windows 10 Microsoft arranque apps

Start by opening Windows 10 Settings and then choose the Accounts option. Here, and from the list of options present, you should open the tab labeled Login Options. This action will give you access to a new list of options on the right hand side.

From this list, you should find many associated with starting Windows 10. You should look near the end for the zone defined as Restart applications. This option should be disabled, so it should be clicked to make it active and ready to be used.

Windows 10 Microsoft arranque apps

From that moment on, and whenever Windows is restarted, it will open the apps that were open and active before. Microsoft warns that not all apps can be used in this scenario. Windows 10 will manage these apps.

With this simple and reduced active option, Windows is accessible to the user in a simpler and faster way. Your apps are launched and ready to be used, and this process is managed by Windows 10.