June 16, 2021

Rafael Amaya returns to acting and talks about his addictions

After going through the darkest moments of his life for alcohol and drug addictions , Rafael Amaya He rose from the ashes and is ready to resume his professional and personal projects. The 44-year-old actor was the special guest of Today (Telemundo) and he spoke openly about the hard days he lived through addictions, in addition to showing himself more replenished, healthy and above all, happy for the projects to come, such as his participation in the series of Malverde: the patron saint, which will premiere later this year.

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Rafael Amaya in Today

Amaya, who was admitted to one of boxer Julio César Chávez’s rehabilitation clinics, revealed that he came to feel out of his mind. “I was lost, I was isolated from the world, I was angry with everyone but it was not me, before I forgive others, I forgive myself because that conscience that I had at that time I thought was the correct one,” he told the morning presenters.

Although some believe that Rafael Amaya would have been influenced by his character Aurelio Casillas, in The Lord of the heavensHe himself explained that this had nothing to do with it, and that it was his bad decisions that led him to fall into that spiral of addictions. “It wasn’t the character, it was me. I was not Aurelio. (The actors) train us to leave the character in the closet or wherever. But I did get carried away by many things: banality, materialism, ego, boasting … ”.

From 2013 to 2019, the Hermosillo, Sonora native starred in the hit series Telemundo, earning the affection of the public, as well as endless recognitions, becoming one of the best-known faces on the small screen. However, towards the end of the seventh season he disappeared from the public eye, which set off alarms among his fans. Shortly after, it was revealed that he was facing a serious addiction problem.