June 16, 2021

Rain, thunderstorm and hail strike Trás-os-Montes. here are the images

Ahe North and Minho regions are being hit, this Friday afternoon, by heavy rains and thunderstorms – accompanied by hail. Several internet users have already posted images and videos of the meteorological phenomenon on social networks.

Areas such as Aguiar da Beira, Miranda do Douro, Vilar Formoso, Chaves, Vila Real, Braga and Mirandela were (some) of the most affected. According to reports on Twitter, traffic will be complicated on the A4 between Amarante and Vila Real due to the heavy hailstorm that is felt.

Intense rain and hailstorms caused flooding in several arteries of the city of Vila Real and also affected several localities in that district with floods and tree falls, informed Lusa sources of civil protection.

As explained to Lusa by the commander of the Voluntary Fire Brigade of Cruz Branca, Vila Real, Orlando Matos, the main traffic jams resulted in roads that are being the target of interventions and that flooded.

“As they are still under construction, the sudden fall of water caused the dragging of materials onto the road,” he stressed. And he added that they had only one record of a loss due to bad weather, but that it did not result in any injuries.

According to the CDOS website in Vila Real, trees fell in Medrões, municipality of Santa Marta de Penaguião, and Oura and Vidago, municipality of Chaves. In addition to the municipality of Vila Real, there were also floods in localities in the municipalities of Alijó and Santa Marta de Penaguião.

Remember that there is bad news for those who want to enjoy a long weekend soaking up the sun. From this Friday onwards, bad weather was expected, with showers, cloudy skies and thunderstorms in almost the entire country, at least until Sunday.

However, the heat remains in much of the country, although the maximum temperature drops slightly overall.

Keep (some) of the images shared this Friday

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