June 16, 2021

Sporting wants to close Vinagre, with or without Nuno Mendes :: zerozero.pt

There was interest, there was desire, but there was also a deadlock called Nuno Mendes. Now, the story is different and the Record guarantees that the hiring of Rúben Vinagre is no longer in bain marie in Alvalade and it’s already being cooked with the Wolves officials.

Speeding up the process are three factors that Sporting wants to prevent from becoming a long-term problem. Despite having arrived last season, Antunes may be on the way out as, at 34, he still has the market and desire to play more regularly.

Rben Vinegar

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Alongside the departure of the Portuguese international, there is also the fact that the lions are back in the Champions League next season and this will oblige, among other things, Rúben Amorim to increase the range of options as he will have to switch the team between national competitions and European competitions to avoid overloading athletes.

In addition, there is another factor that makes the green and white officials rush to seal the defense’s hiring: the harassment of Benfica by the player. The reds are still on the lookout for Rúben Vinagre, a name they consider favorite to replace Grimaldo, of course, if the Spaniard leaves Luz in this transfer market.

A pot of charm

It is the name that can be crucial for the final destination of Rúben Vinagre to be Alvalade and not Molineux or even Luz: Pedro Gonçalves. Very close to Rúben Vinagre, with whom he even shares the entrepreneur, Pote has everything to be the key piece in the leonine charm operation by the defender who belongs to the Wolves team.

Graduated in Alvalade, but with a contract until 2024 with the wolves, now owned by Bruno Lage, the Portuguese full-back has already confessed his desire to continue in Portugal and the lions can proceed with an initial loan proposal with a purchase option (never more than 10 million euros), in a process similar to the one that took Porro from Manchester to Lisbon.

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Rben Vinegar

Liga NOS: Famalic
Liga NOS: Famalic