June 16, 2021

The profile of the narcissistic father who will have killed his daughters

A Spanish Antena 3 is today a portrait of Tomás Gimeno, the father of Olivia and Anna, who disappeared on April 27, in Tenerife, Spain.

In a conversation with friends and acquaintances, this Spanish publication concludes that the man who killed at least the eldest daughter, whose body was found this Thursday, is narcissistic, competitive and will have been unfaithful to the girls’ mother when she she was pregnant with Anna, the youngest child.

The 37-year-old man was passionate about sport and quite “competitive” in the disciplines in which he competed. He would also be a man who liked to flaunt his possessions, being described as a vain person and a gallant man.

Neighbors say, however, that he was also violent and that they have witnessed several abusive actions on his part against his ex-wife, Beatriz, as well as against his current girlfriend.

Although those who knew him believed, until yesterday, that he would be incapable of harming his daughters, and that he was more likely to be enjoying a new life in another country alongside the girls, some people point to “immature and impulsive behavior” , which led them to believe that Tomas would be capable of the worst.

Several experts sum up his personality as that of a narcissist, while his ex-wife’s family spokesperson says he was “an egocentric who liked to control everything in his possession”.

Tomás Gimeno, remember, disappeared with his two daughters at the end of April. After a month of searching, in which the hope was maintained that the girls were alive, yesterday the body of the oldest girl, Olivia, was found lifeless, inside a suitcase, attached to the anchor of a boat. Authorities continue to search for Anna’s body, as well as the man who is now believed to have also died, a suicide victim.

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