June 16, 2021

TV rights: Ligue 1 lands on Amazon, Canal + keeps two matches a day! – Soccer

The next three seasons of Ligue 1 will be broadcast on Canal + and Amazon. The American e-commerce company has won 8 L1 games a day, while the Crypt Channel will broadcast two games, and loses the Sunday night bill.

L1 fans will need to subscribe to Amazon next season

This time, the soap opera TV rights of Ligue 1 delivered its pillar. After several months of discussions, the Professional Football League (LFP) reached an agreement on Friday with Canal + and Amazon for the next three seasons (2021 2024) for an amount of 663 million euros per year, announce L’Equipe and RMC.

Last week, Canal + and beIN Sports had offered a little more than € 500 million fixed per year (+ € 60 million bonus). A deal that did not suit the LFP, since the body estimates that the clubs need at least € 600 million fixed per year over the next three seasons to get out of the crisis. Finally, the League will touch a little more.

8 matches per day on Amazon

Amazon turned things upside down this Friday by interfering in the negotiations. The American company has agreed to pay € 250 million per year for 8 Ligue 1 matches per day and € 9 million for 8 Ligue 2 matches. For its part, Canal + will pay € 332 million per season to broadcast two matches (Saturday 9 p.m. and Sunday 5 p.m.). The crypt chain therefore loses the precious Sunday evening poster. Finally, beIN Sports has agreed to spend € 30 million annually for broadcasting two L2 matches per day and Free will pay € 42 million for mobile rights.

This proposal, for a guaranteed amount of € 663 million, was therefore preferred to the latest offer from the Canal + / beIN Sports duo. The two groups offered € 595m fixed and € 78m variable, potentially € 673m. The offer was broken down as follows: two matches (Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening) of L1 370 M € per season for Canal +, the 8 other matches 165 M € (+ 78 M € bonus) for beIN Sports. To this were added the € 42 million for Free and € 18 million for Ligue 2.

The L1 returns to the 2008-2012 level …

It is therefore a very clear setback for the French championship. As a reminder, the last call for tenders resulted in an agreement of 1.153 billion euros per year. Mediapro had acquired a large part of the TV rights for € 830 million, but this agreement quickly turned into a fiasco as the Sino-Spanish group went bankrupt in the first season. From 2021 to 2024, Ligue 1 will therefore be valued less expensive than over the 2016-2020 period (€ 726.5 million per year), and does not even reach the amount for the period… 2008-2012 (€ 668 million per year) ).

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