July 24, 2021

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As of: 12.06.2021 6:29 a.m.

This weekend in Hamburg started again with numerous celebrations on the Alster and Elbe as well as in the city park. Thousands of young people met there in mild temperatures.

Loud basses boomed across the large festival meadow in the city park, and young people sat in groups everywhere to talk and celebrate. When the situation became more and more confusing and the first brawls occurred, the police pulled together more and more forces and erected a light pole that bathed the event in a bright light.

AUDIO: Police check after party night in Hamburg (1 min)

At Mühlenkamp in Winterhude, the police disbanded a group of around 150 people. The young people had listened to music loudly and danced. Also on Winterhuder Kai, many people met again on the Alster, where police officers also used flashlights to check whether the corona rules were being adhered to. The first conclusion of the police: Although there was a lot going on, not much had happened overall. Around 0.30 a.m., it was almost everywhere quiet.

Civil servants should be deployed flexibly

Before the weekend, the police had announced that meeting larger groups in particular should be avoided. To this end, she had set up staff who can be deployed flexibly – depending on where the party is taking place.

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