July 25, 2021

António Costa deauthorized Pedro Nuno Santos at TAP


Miguel Frasquilho was invited by the minister of tutelage to maintain the functions of chairman at TAP, but was forced to back down. Manuel Beja was the name imposed by António Costa.

António Costa switched laps to Pedro Nuno Santos and, after the minister had invited Miguel Frasquilho to continue at the head of TAP – as did the Sunrise_advanced about a month and a half ago – how chairman, an invitation he accepted, the prime minister ‘forced’ the minister of Infrastructure and Housing to withdraw the invitation and announce new names.

This turnaround at TAP led the government official to signal the need for a break with the current administration. “Now we are going to enter a new phase in TAP’s life, with the restructuring plan about to be approved, hopefully, in Brussels, at the beginning of the economic recovery and our option was to start this new cycle with a new team”, said this week. He added: “We are going to start a new cycle and we wanted to refresh the company’s governing bodies”, ensuring that the decision “is not about a negative judgment of the work that has been done, we make a positive judgment”.

Manuel Beja was chosen to take his place, a mathematician with management experience, especially in the area of ​​information technology. Alongside this, other names will also be on the table at the next General Assembly (AG) of the airline, scheduled for June 24th. This is the case Christine Ourmieres-Widener – for CEO – Ramiro Sequeira, Alexandra Reis, João Gameiro, José Manuel Silva Rodrigues, Silvia Mosquera González, Patrício Ramos Castro, Ana Teresa Lehmann, Gonçalo Monteiro Pires and João Pedro da Conceição Duarte, for the board administration.

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