August 1, 2021

CML website ‘plot’ Medina; Vieira sells to pay NB

O sending data from activists by the Lisbon City Council to the Russian embassy in Portugal continues to mark national news. In this Saturday’s edition, Nascer do Sol states that the Chamber’s website commits Fernando Medina.

The Lisbon City Council’s rules on data protection have been published on the municipality’s website since January 2020, and expressly guarantee that data will not be shared without prior authorization from those concerned and will not be made available to international entities or organizations.

Another of the day’s highlights is the Correio da Manhã, which makes headlines with the news that Luís Filipe Vieira has sold players to pay millions to Novo Banco. The lawyer who filed a lawsuit against Vieira alleges that the president of Benfica broke up the team in 2017 to negotiate the personal debt.

In sports, the judoka Jorge Fonseca, who revalidated the world title, and the movements of the big three in the market stand out. Benfica have an alternative to Al Musrati, Sporting have three wingers under their eyes and FC Porto rethink their left side.


– “Euro 2020: Football Europe returns in force with party in Rome. Italy defeats Turkey (3-0) in opening game”

– “Comma in the law allows deputies to stay in companies without losing exclusivity”

– “Commands: There are two more soldiers who will be tried for aggression”

– “Companies: ‘New normal’ will go through hybrid work model”

– “Interview: The big countries only have to lose with the IRC 15%”

– “Data for Russia: Lisbon City Council risks fine that could reach 80 million”

– “Holidays: A sea of ​​beaches in Alentejo and Algarve that make us happy”

– “Cinema: Maria do Mar, Leitão de Barros’ classic safe from oblivion”

News Diary:

– “Law on demonstrations is from 1974 and does not support delivery of data by the City of Lisbon”

– “Week Horribilis: Appointments, denunciations, desertions and infections before the millions in Brussels”

– “GNR that almost blinded in training resisted, recovered and is guard in Torre de Moncorvo”

– “Ana Trigo Morais: ‘There should be an uberization of the collection of what we want to discard'”

– “Sasha Romantsova: ‘When they try to silence the Ukrainians they put on a huge fight'”

– “Emoji debuts César Mourão in the token business: ‘I volunteered for the NFT'”

– “G7 aligned to fight various crises. But it’s not enough, experts warn”

– “Jorge Fonseca: World Champion repeated dance to the sound of ippon”

– “Indiana Jones: 40 years in the realm of great adventure”

– “Brunch with João Cepeda, President of Time Out Market: ‘I became a Bacoco patriot'”


– “Delay saves Portuguese from being tried for the explosion that killed 215 people in Lebanon”

– “Beaches: Bathing season at full steam”

– “Boy: Goodbye to the Churches of the Beacons”

– “Motorhomes: Individuals rent terraces and backyards”

– “Television: Jessica Athayde back in action with ‘The Tyrant Father'”

– “Euro 2020: PSP elite unit protects superstars”

– “Judo: Jorge Fonseca twice world champion in Budapest”

– “Russian activists: Investigation only reaches Lisbon”

– “Live Money: 13 thousand tons of yogurt leave Castelo Branco”


– “Activist data: Chamber website compromises Medina”

– “Costa disallows Pedro Nuno in TAP”

– “Socialists in congress with weakened leader”

– “Selection exchanges TAP for second-rate Spanish company”

– “Pedrógão: 4 years later”

– “Angola: New ‘irritants’ threaten to reopen crisis between Luanda, Belém and São Bento”

– “Palácio da Ajuda: Low cost project generates divergent reactions”

– “Luis Carito: Candidate for Portimão explains why he ate paper”

– “Bank: Mass layoffs at BCP, Santander and Montepio”

Morning mail:

– “Vieira sells players to pay Novo Banco millions”

– “Heart betrays Neno at 59”

– “Disparate risk in the Lisbon region”

– “MP wants Ljubomir tried for corruption”

– “Judo: Jorge Fonseca two-time world champion”

– “Names given to Russia: Lisbon City Council ignores 2008 law”

– “Operation Marquis: Judge who arrested Duarte Lima will decide on José Sócrates”

The ball:

– “Monstroso: Jorge Fonseca is two-time world champion in -100 kilos”

– “Benfica: Nzonzi is alternative to Al Musrati”

– “Sporting: SAD accelerates Ugarte’s hiring”

– “FC Porto: Grujic is the priority for Sergio Oliveira’s vacancy”

– “Homage to Neno (which extended to all Portuguese football) in the first training session in Budapest”


– “Sporting: 50 MEuro or stay: João Mário already trains thinking about the next season”

– “Golden Fonseca: first two-time Portuguese world champion in an Olympic sport”

– “Benfica: Braz already works at Seixal. Vieira safe from legal action”

– “FC Porto: Conceição signed by Jorge Mendes”

– “William promises to cut his mustache”

The game:

– “Show Jorge: Fonseca won five matches in nine and a half minutes to revalidate world judo title”

– “Neno: an eternal smile”

– “Benfica: ‘I have proof’. The lawyer who filed a lawsuit against Vieira assures O Jogo that the Portuguese club’s money was handed over to Promotelor”

– “‘Santos changed our egos’: Danilo recalls the coach’s impact in 2015 and de-dramatizes any retreat to centre-back”

– “FC Porto: Dragão rethinks left”

– “Sporting: Edwards, Trincao and Rony Lopes under study”

– “Cycling: Iuri Leitão debuts to win”

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