July 26, 2021

Historically forgotten derailment at the Green Party Congress: speaker compares climate researchers with persecuted Jews – domestic politics

History-forgotten derailment at the Green Party Congress.

At the start of the Green Party conference, a guest speaker compared the criticism of climate researchers with the persecution of Jews.

The author and publicist Carolin Emcke (53, including the Süddeutsche Zeitung) said: “There will definitely be talk of the elite again. And then presumably it will not be the Jews and cosmopolitans, not the feminists and virologists, who are being warned against, but the climatologists. “

I beg your pardon: There is just as much agitation against climate researchers as it was in the past (and still today) against Jews?

With this comparison, Emcke wanted to criticize the “radical hostility towards science”, such as those directed against climate researchers. The party bosses Annalena Baerbock (40) and Robert Habeck (51) listened to the speech from the stage.

BUT: The comparison between criticism of climate researchers and anti-Semitic agitation and persecution of Jews is deeply tasteless. For example, the corona deniers of the so-called “lateral thinkers” movement repeatedly compared themselves with “the Jews” in order to stylize themselves as a persecuted minority.

The Green Chancellor candidate and co-boss Annalena Baerbock with co-boss Robert HabeckPhoto: Kay Nietfeld / dpa

Even with radical Palestinian demonstrations, the claim is made again and again that the Jews were previously persecuted and now you yourself. An anti-Semitic claim that relativizes and belittles the extent of the persecution of the Jews.

Elio Adler, chairman of the German-Jewish organization “Values ​​Initiative”, is clearly critical. “Defending legitimate climate concerns by instrumentalizing the victims of centuries of persecution and murder is completely unacceptable,” Adler told BILD.

During the terrorist attacks by the radical Islamic Hamas on Israel, Adler organized a solidarity rally, at which representatives from the CDU, SPD, the Left and the Greens spoke.

Greens federal manager Michael Kellner (44) stands behind Emcke on BILD request. The author is “above any suspicion of anti-Semitism and has exposed the logic of demagogy in her speech,” said Kellner.

The three-day Green Party Congress has been running since Friday at 4 p.m. 800 delegates are connected. The election program is to be voted on at the party congress. Most recently, the Greens crashed massively in the polls, in particular Chancellor candidate Baerbock lost approval.