August 2, 2021

PSP ends with illegal party with dozens of people in a warehouse in Lisbon


Participants also disrespected imposed sanitary standards, such as wearing a mask.

The PSP ended an illegal party, with 45 people, in the early hours of this Saturday, in the parish of Estrela, in Lisbon.

In a statement, the PSP’s Lisbon Metropolitan Command reveals that, at 3:00 am, it was alerted “to the existence of a party taking place in a warehouse, where there would be a large number of individuals”.

“Given the content of the communication, the necessary police resources gathered and traveled to the site in a concerted manner for the proper intervention. When approaching the site, it was possible to see people entering and leaving, while there was a huge noise of music coming from inside the space, despite all the imposed prohibitions, the late hour and the disturbance of the public tranquility in the surroundings” , it reads.

According to the PSP, inside the building an illegal party was held with 45 participants, in clear disregard for the health standards imposed by the General Directorate of Health.

The PSP ended the party “immediately” and the participants were all identified for the respective administrative offense for non-compliance with the norms in force within the scope of the pandemic, namely the lack of mask use.

“Regarding the three alleged prosecutors, a notice will be raised for promoting an illegal party, increasing the risk of contagion of disease, without prejudice to other responsibilities that may be imputed to them”, also informs the security force.