July 24, 2021

Shock at EM game: Danish player collapses – state stable

IN 2021
Shock at EM game: Danish player collapses – state stable

Dramatic scenes: Christian Eriksen is transported out of the stadium with privacy screens

© Wolfgang Rattay / DPA

Danish playmaker Christian Eriksen collapsed during the European Championship game against Finland. The professional had to be treated with chest compressions. Uefa reports that his condition is now stable.

The state of national player Christian Eriksen, who collapsed during a European Championship match, is stable, as Uefa announced. The Danish player-maker collapsed for no apparent reason in the game against Finland in Copenhagen shortly before half-time and remained motionless. As a result, dramatic scenes take place.

Immediately called helpers initiated life-saving measures – the Danish players gathered around their teammates in tears, and Eriksen’s girlfriend hurried onto the lawn. The game was interrupted because of the “medical emergency”, as the European Football Union Uefa announced.

Heart muscle massage with Christian Eriksen

Paramedics were seen giving heart muscle massage. Initially, nothing was known about the exact condition of the 29-year-old. Eriksen was driven out of the interior of the Parken Stadium on a rescue stretcher, under privacy protection and accompanied by his teammates.

Danish players have tears in their eyes

The spectators, coaches, players – many clapped their hands over their faces. It was quiet in the stadium at times after it had been very atmospheric at the first appearance of the Danish team in Copenhagen. “Please stay in your seats until there is more information,” said the announcer through.

The action happened in the 43rd minute without any opposing influence. After a good ten minutes, the Finnish players left the pitch. “This is a situation that is madness without words. We just hope for the best,” said ex-national player Christoph Kramer on ZDF. “I am in a state of shock, I have no words and I actually never miss the words. These are scenes that I have never seen before.” The ZDF and Magenta TV then temporarily interrupted their transmission from Copenhagen.