July 24, 2021

Three dead in a plane crash near Lille: what we know about the tragedy of Wambrechies

Three people were killed in the crash of a tourist plane in Wambrechies, near Lille. What happened ? (© JB / Lille news)

Terrible drama this Saturday June 12, 2021 in the metropolis of Lille. Three people, according to a first provisional report, died in the plane crash in Wambrechies. The small aircraft had just taken off from the aerodrome of Bondues.

Specialized investigators on site

The unusual noise and then the black smoke quickly alerted residents of the area. A tourist plane crashed at midday in the activity area near the Tomato Cherry restaurant in Wambrechies.

Very quickly on site, firefighters, air gendarmes, national and municipal police officers, and the mayor Stéphanie Brogniart mobilized. The forensic institute, the representative of the prosecution and civil aviation investigators followed.

All of them were activated around the wreckage of the plane, completely destroyed and charred.

A plane from Béziers: three dead

According to information gathered on the spot, the plane had arrived from Béziers and had stopped off at Bondues aerodrome. From there, it took off again in the direction of Antwerp in Belgium around 11:30 am this Saturday.

On board the aircraft, there were at least three people, two in their sixties and one in their thirties. They were apparently on their way to visit family in Belgium. None therefore survived.

The authorities have been trying since noon to determine the number of occupants in the plane. But also and above all, why it crashed just after takeoff. For the time being, the investigations are continuing, but the public prosecutor Carole Étienne evokes with the AFP possible engine failure.

The small plane was totally destroyed in the accident.
The small plane was totally destroyed in the accident. (© JB / Lille news)

“We escaped an even greater catastrophe”

“We escaped an even bigger disaster, the plane did not crash in a residential area, and avoided nearby warehouses,” commented Stéphane Brogniart, mayor of Wambrechies. “It’s a terrible drama, it’s very sad. “

In the town, it is consternation. And if, according to the mayor, the time has not yet come and “we must especially not throw stones”, there will “perhaps be questions to ask” in the future. In recent years, the surroundings of Bondues aerodrome have become abundantly urbanized and this tragedy, as rare as it is, reminds us that a disaster can unfortunately happen.