July 29, 2021

Crime in Tenerife. Hopeless Police, Judge Speaks of “Atrocious” Motivation

A Guardia Civil believes that Tomás Gimeno, the Spaniard who disappeared with his two youngest daughters last April 27, “committed suicide in an area close to the place where he threw his daughters” into the sea, according to La Sexta, which cites sources close to of the investigation.

The publication adds that researchers “they are very pessimistic about the possibility of finding Anna’s body”, the 1-year-old girl, as the body of the six-year-old Olivia was found on Thursday at a thousand meters deep, in a canvas bag attached to an anchor believed to belong to her father’s vessel.

Remember that the two sisters, Anna and Olivia, should have been handed over to their mother, Beatriz, on April 27th, after a period with their father. Tomás Gimeno, however, fled with his daughters, having previously warned their mother that he would never see them again.

From Monday, they will continue the search at sea with the help of the oceanographic vessel ‘Ángeles Alvariño’, starting from the place where, in the early morning of April 28, the trace of Tomás Gimeno’s telephone was lost.

Anna, 1 year old, and Olivia, 6 years old© Reproduction

“He killed them in a planned way to cause inhuman pain to his ex-partner”

After the autopsy on Olivia’s body, the Spanish court converted the international order detaining Tomás Gimeno for the crime of child abduction into an aggravated crime of murder, adding to the case an account of the events prepared by the responsible judge where the motivation is highlighted. cruel of the filicide.

According to El Mundo, which cites the document, the magistrate speaks of “atrocious” behavior with hints of torture towards her ex-partner. “He killed them in a planned way to cause inhuman pain to his ex-partner, more than he could ever imagine”, refers to the self.

Minute News Poster used in the initial searches by the father and the two girls© Reproduction

The man’s intention, according to the investigations, would be to cause the girls’ mothers eternal uncertainty about the whereabouts of the daughters, something that he almost succeeded if the latest sonar technology was not included in the searches.

The judge reports the events step by step with great precision, says El Mundo, always keeping the focus on Tomás’ goal: to condemn the children’s mother to “a lifelong suffering”. “Deliberately, he tried to leave her in uncertainty and said he would go to a far away place to start a new life”, explained the judge.

Instead, he killed the girls while still at their residence, wrapped them in towels, placed them in garbage bags and stuffed them into backpacks to throw them overboard, attached to the anchor of his vessel.

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