July 27, 2021

Giroud, Eriksen, his future… Mbappé talkative at a press conference!

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Highly anticipated at a press conference since the “quarrel” with Olivier Giroud, Kylian Mbappé did not disappoint this afternoon by immediately evoking his “altercation” with the striker of Blues, in words transcribed by RMC Sport : “I wanted to come Thursday to explain myself, we talked with the coach, it wasn’t the best time, he decided that it was today so I obeyed. (…) We talked about it. , we discussed that, it made people talk, everyone knows what happened, I was a little affected but we are not going to make a big deal out of it, the France team remains the most important , trifles are not going to disrupt our preparation, we are focused on the same objective. (…) What he said did not bother me more than that, I am an attacker and I had this feeling 365 times in a match. But it’s more to take him out publicly. I congratulated him in the locker room, he didn’t say anything to me and then I heard from the press. He didn’t say anything bad. It’s more the fact of taking him out publicly, I would have preferred him to come and be even more virulent in the locker room. But that’s not a problem, they are small things. The team doesn’t need it. ‘we put ourselves in our sticks. (…) If there is no explanation, there will be something left unsaid. It was a little tense, but the most important thing is to discuss it, to pass it after the group. The most important thing is the group. It’s a micro-episode. Nobody talks to me about the match against Germany … I’m surprised “.


“(…) I never asked the president or Leonardo for a single player”

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Kylian MbappéCredit Photo – Icon Sport

The 22-year-old striker even seemed annoyed with all his questions about Giroud, when a journalist asked him if he was making more passes to players like Karim Benzema and Neymar: “What are you implying? They are different players. If you compare the number of passes I make to Benzema or Giroud, it’s not the same. But Benzema wins, Giroud stays ahead. It’s a little unhealthy. We try to say things without saying it. You imply that I don’t want to pass Giroud. I say that they are different profiles ”.

On the heart attack of Daois Christian Eriksen yesterday, the PSG striker said: “We were in training when the coach told us, it was terrible at the time, the match goes by, the players have had a lot of courage to come back, hope he’s okay. We were all in stress, we feared the worst. We made inquiries this morning, we are relieved ”. Finally, Kylian Mbappé spoke about his future, and in particular the words of the Parisian president, Nasser Al Khelaïfi: “That does not interest me, I am here to represent France, the most important is the France team, I don’t want to disturb the group. (…) I never asked the president or Leonardo for a single player. I am a simple football player, I have to be content with the field. I have never asked for a single player from PSG ”.

Mbappé sets things straight with Giroud

In front of the press, Kylian Mbappé was particularly vocal on the “altercation” with Olivier Giroud and also discussed his future and the heart disease of Christian Eriksen. This outspokenness will perhaps be able to definitively burst the abscess with Giroud, and to focus on the match against Germany on Tuesday (9 p.m.).

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