July 26, 2021

‘Sudden death’ could be the reason for Christian Eriksen’s passing out

According to the expert, this condition is very difficult to diagnose and considers that the player should retire

Christian Eriksen’s fading in the game between Denmark and Finland It could be due to an event known as “sudden death”, which is caused by a cardiac arrhythmia, which are difficult to diagnose and appear from time to time.

“In a heart attack, the chest usually hurts, you go to the hospital and you have a little more time. This type of phenomenon falls under the term we know as ‘sudden death’. This means that the patient is well and, in two or three seconds, the patient is dead, “he told ESPN Digital Elihu Duran, clinical cardiologist and interventional chief of the hemodynamic service of the Dr. Carlos McGregor hospital of the IMSS.

“Sudden death is generally due to a cardiac arrhythmia, not a heart attack. An arrhythmia is, metaphorically, a seizure of the heart. Christian was fine, playing the ball and he collapsed. It seems to me that, most likely, he had a lethal cardiac arrhythmia, which appeared suddenly, ”said the also tenured professor at UNAM and the Universidad Anáhuac Norte.

From your point of view, patients with cardiac arrhythmias should not do high-performance sportsEriksen should not return to the courts, and this medical condition is difficult to diagnose.

“This happens from time to time and the patient can lead a normal life and until certain phenomena come together, the arrhythmia is triggered. It is difficult to know if Eriksen had episodes of tachycardia without realizing it. These arrhythmias occur once a month, once every five months or once every three years ”.

“Many arrhythmias are waiting to appear and many of them are triggered by physical activity. These patients are prohibited from physical activity, usually everyone and forever because this can trigger another rhythmgenic event. It would be necessary to know the specific diagnosis and I would say that I should not return (to play), ”said Dr. Durán.

He even confessed that what saved his life was the prompt attention he received in the field, which was key so that he not only revived, but also did not show neurological damage in the future, a situation that happens after certain minutes of resuscitation.

“I think what saved his life was a history of sudden death in stadiums. 20 years ago there were no defibrillators in stadiums and now there are already. It doesn’t look good in the shot, but they give him heart massage right away. I don’t want to invent, but it seems that they give it an electric shock ”.

“That is why the footballer recovers immediately, that is why the photo with his eyes open and it is due to the immediate handling of the doctors. In the case of Christian, the recovery to the efficient heartbeat was fast and, in my point of view, he will not have neurological sequelae and he will recover one hundred percent ”, said the expert.