July 28, 2021

Tomás Gimeno was with the lifeless bodies of Anna and Olivia for almost three hours before throwing them into the sea

Tomás Gimeno tried not to leave any loose ends when he planned to kill his daughters, Anna y Olivia, and make them disappear into the sea.

According to the report released by the Superior Court of Justice of the Canary Islands, was with the lifeless bodies of his daughters for almost three hours, before finally disposing of them, reported The Spanish.

Olivia’s body, the youngest of six years who had been missing for more than 40 days in Tenerife, was found on Thursday, June 10, in a bag tied to an anchor some 1,000 meters (3,200 feet) deep.

As soon as the Ángeles Alvariño ship is repaired, the search for her sister will continue Anna, a baby only one year old, and of his father, Tomás Gimeno, although there are different versions of his possible whereabouts.

Tomás Gimeno and his two daughters, Anna and Olivia.

Chronicle of horror: how were the last hours of the girls

On the afternoon of April 27, Gimeno agreed with her ex-partner, Beatriz Zimmermann, spend the afternoon with his two daughters, between 17 and 21. He then took Olivia to German classes, which she usually took on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

While the girl was in class, she dropped Anna off at her parents’ house and took the opportunity to go to school. Santa Cruz Marina, where he parked his car at 5:50 p.m. at the height where his boat to test the engine. He left there shortly before 6 p.m.

She picked up Olivia and was with the two of them at her parents’ house until 7:26 p.m. From there he went to his farm in Igueste de Candelaria -he arrived at 7:46 p.m.- and at 19:50 is the last time anything was heard from the girls: Olivia sent a voice message to her mother asking her to go get some paintings.

He killed them and was with their bodies for almost three hours.  He even left his dog at his parents' house.

He killed them and was with their bodies for almost three hours. He even left his dog at his parents’ house.

Between 20:00 and 21:05, sedó their daughters with medications and He suffocated by wrapping them in towels. Then he deposited the bodies in garbage bags and, later, he put them inside sports bags, the medium publishes.

According to the result of Olivia’s autopsy, the cause of death was a “Acute Pulmonary Edema”.

He loaded them into the trunk of his car and at 9:05 PM he left the house.

With absolute coldness, he went back to his parents with the two corpses in the vehicle and there he left, secretly, his dog Oto, two credit cards with the corresponding keys and the keys to another car that he had. It was 9:13 p.m.

He answered without altering a call from Beatriz who claimed that it was time for the girls to return with her. Thomas replied that they were going to eat something and that it would take them a while later.

Shortly before 9:30 p.m. he returned to the Navy. After parking the vehicle, he performed three trips from the car to your boat to carry different objects, among which were the sports bags inside which were allegedly Olivia and Anna’s bodies. Finally, at 9:40 p.m. he set sail with the boat.

At 9:51 p.m., Beatriz called him again. Thomas told him that I would never see the girls again.

At 10:30 p.m., 50 minutes after putting the two corpses to sea, he threw them into the sea: tied the bags to a rope and this to the anchor of the boat.

Between 8:00 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., two hours and half in which Tomás was with the bodies of his daughters from one place to another, until he got rid of them.

Who is Tomás Gimeno?

Gimeno, 37, is a native of Tenerife and a kart and sports fan.

Figure as administrator of several companies in the flower and plant sector of his family, which enjoys one of the best economic situations on the island and owns several agricultural production land in the south of the island of Tenerife.

Tomás Gimeno had a reputation for being a quarrel, he fought in bars and was even accused of robbery despite being a millionaire.

Tomás Gimeno had a reputation for being a quarrel, he fought in bars and was even accused of robbery despite being a millionaire.

However, they do not have a very good relationship with him. In fact, he would have had altercations in the past for robberies of his own family.

He had also forged fame of trouble on the island. He constantly fought with other people in bars and clubs and was even accused of robbery, despite his comfortable financial situation.

Other testimonials tell of scam attempts to collect insurance of boat and vehicles, and numerous traffic fines.

Several testimonies indicated that he had violent situations with the girls’ mother, Beatriz Zimmermann. Her spokesperson said a few days ago that she decided to separate during Anna’s pregnancy due to his constant infidelities.