July 28, 2021

a pike of Navas in the Donnarumma file?

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Paris Saint-Germain continues its transfer window. After the officialization of the transfer of Georginio Wijnaldum, the Parisians are in the process of securing the services of Gianluigi Donnarumma, free from any cons following his departure from AC Milan. At 22, the Italian doorman unquestionably embodies the future in his position. However, his imminent arrival in the capital raises questions, linked to the presence of a man: Keylor Navas.

At 34, the former Real Madrid has greatly contributed to PSG’s journey in the Champions League this season, author of XXL performances in key posters. Besides, Donnarumma would not be ready. A status of understudy would therefore naturally be reserved for him. However, the young transalpine would not hear it that way and would like to play. Keylor Navas’ message this Monday will not calm the rumors around a possible tension in the Costa Rican rampart.


Navas’ enigmatic message

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Keylor NavasCredit Photo – Icon Sport

“Offer your absence to the one who does not value your presence”, split Keylor Navas on his social networks on Monday. An enigmatic message that could have several meanings. The first, perhaps intended for its leaders at PSG, who would come to put a stick in the wheels, while his pair formed with Sergio Rico is essential and works perfectly. On the other side, RMC Sport specifies that this message could intervene following the non-selection of Keylor Navas with his selection of Costa Rica, at the approach of the League of Nations of the CONCACAF zone.

Navas’ enigmatic message

Keylor Navas, the Paris Saint-Germain goalkeeper, posted an enigmatic message on his social networks, as rumors flare around the arrival of his potential competitor, Gianluigi Donnarumma.

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