August 6, 2021

Amazon stands out from Mediapro and supports the LFP against Canal +!

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If the presidents of Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 are sometimes presented as “crazy” for having relaunched a war with Canal + concerning TV rights by bringing Amazon into 80% of the matches, the arrival of the American distribution giant is however largely more reasoned than the Mediapro bet taken in 2018.

Financially, Amazon is much more solid …

Indeed, as La Provence reminds us, the choice of Amazon “is that of financial solidity” with its $ 420 billion in turnover. It must be said that, unlike the Sino-American deadbeat, the multinational of Jeff Bezos has plenty of money to settle its debts.

Moreover, of the 259 M € paid by Amazon for the L1 – L2, a large part should be paid quickly. RMC explains in particular that 40% of the total amount (103 M €) will be paid upon signature of the contract. In addition, Amazon will cover all production costs … leaving the management of the product to the LFP.

… And is ready to an extension cord for 100% of the L1 in case

Moreover, from the moment Canal + announced its disengagement, the MD Sport of Amazon Prime Video Alex Green launched an unequivocal message on Twitter: “We won’t let you fall” (“We won’t let you down ”). According to RMC, Amazon could even go further by buying the famous lot 3 in the event of real withdrawal from Canal + and beIN Sports. Not sure, however, that GAFAM does it at the rate paid by beIN Sports on 2018 TV rights (332M €) by paying more than double the current bill …

Amazon will support the League against Canal +

Wishing to differentiate itself from Mediapro, Amazon is committed to quickly settling the deadlines of its contract with the LFP. The American group is also ready to take back 100% of L1 if Canal + releases its rights …