July 24, 2021

Between empty words, moments of waste :: zerozero.pt

The game that nobody wanted is found: the first null of Euro 2020. In Seville, the Spain it did not capitalize on its dominant football, nor was it able to go beyond the 0x0 compared to Sweden. Smiles at Slovakia, who isolate themselves at the top of Group E at the end of the first round.

Spain talked a lot, to say nothing

How strange it is to see a Spanish team that is almost more evident without the ball than with it. it’s a real fury roja that detonates on top of the opposing construction attempts, as had already happened in the friendly against Portugal, and this time the victim was a Swedish team that rarely managed to connect three consecutive passes.

Owners of the ball and easily recovering it quickly, the game soon became a monologue, with the Castilian interrupting any and every Nordic grunt that emerged from the corner.

Very talkative, but without reaching any significant point as the goal did not arrive. Olmo threatened first, with a point-blank header that Olsen instinctively saved, but the big chance will only be remembered as a massive miss by Álvaro Morata, who fired wide after being cut off by Jordi Alba.

Sweden still threatened

Pedri, youngest Spaniard in finals Getty / Fran Santiago – UEFA

The response to Morata’s waste was a laughable move, somewhere between fortune and bad luck, depending on your point of view. Isak, in the area, started to dribble in a clumsy style, but balanced himself and left Laporte seated before starting a pinball between his foot, Llorente’s knee, the goal post and finally the hands of the Spanish goalkeeper. It wasn’t a goal because it didn’t happen.

Spain dominated the game, reaching absurd numbers in terms of ball possession, but new glaring opportunities were slow to appear and Isak once again took advantage of what he was entitled to on his only arrival in the Spanish area. He dribbled through the defensive Luis Enrique before serving Berg, who emulated Morata with an equally desperate finish.

The Spaniards understood the warning and did not grant any chances again, but neither did they convert theirs. The ball spent the remainder of the game circling the Swedish area without any kind of penetration, until the final minutes when Olsen showed up again, with a couple of good saves that closed the first goalless game at Euro 2020.

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