July 24, 2021

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Status: 14.06.2021 3:28 p.m.

The number of infections in Lower Saxony continues to fall. Now many people ask themselves how long the mask requirement will remain. Prime Minister Weil urges caution, the opposition is going along.

“It is good that the Prime Minister has a clear opinion on this issue,” said Meta Janssen-Kucz, health policy spokeswoman for the Greens in the state parliament, the NDR Lower Saxony. That wasn’t always the case. Because had am Sonntag emphasizes that the coronavirus is still in the world and one should not do without wearing masks, especially with regard to the virus mutations. Masks could be placed outdoors, but not indoors, the Prime Minister continued. “In order to slow down the spread of the Delta variant in particular, wearing masks indoors is the best and least restrictive means. This should also apply outdoors if the minimum distance cannot be maintained,” said Janssen-Kucz.

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In Lower Saxony and SH the seven-day incidence is just under 10, in MV it is only 4.8. All corona news from Sunday in the blog. more

Birkner: Remove the mask requirement in the open air

Stefan Birkner, state and parliamentary group leader of the FDP, advocates “in view of the incidences and the weather” that the mask requirement should be lifted outdoors. For interiors, wearing must be viewed in a differentiated manner. “We should continue to be careful wherever there are many people in a confined space.” Birkner expects more speed and consistency with further relaxation for private contacts and for municipalities or districts with an incidence below 10. “It cannot be conveyed that the massive encroachments on fundamental rights continue here for longer,” he said.

Again and again infections in schools

Federal Justice Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) had suggested that the mask requirement in schools should be checked because children are particularly affected by the corona restrictions. Other politicians are also usually in favor of a review. Because, however, doubts that especially in schools with large groups and closed rooms the mask requirement will be abolished in the short term. He points out that corona infections are repeatedly detected in schools.

Basically, masks can currently be removed in class if the seven-day incidence in the respective district or urban district is below 35. According to the Ministry of Culture, however, a school can recommend that pupils also wear them in class. The children and adolescents are free to choose whether to follow this.

Because: wait and see how the situation will be by autumn

Apart from the retail trade, the mask requirement is likely to continue for a long time in local public transport. “There a lifting of the mask requirement should come into consideration last,” said Weil. This should only be considered when large parts of the population have been vaccinated. “We are well advised to wait and see how we get into autumn and what the situation will be like then.”

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A PCR test is carried out at the Centogene company in Rostock.

Three vintages are affected. The school has tightened its hygiene concept – it is again compulsory to wear a mask in class. (14.06.2021) more

A full face mask hangs on a table in the classroom.  © picture alliance / Eibner-Pressefoto / Weber / Eibner-Pressefoto Photo: Weber / Eibner-Pressefoto

From Monday onwards, all pupils from the 5th grade must wear a mask again in class. (11.06.2021) more

Pupils write their Abitur exam in

Education ministers decide to prevent schools from being closed for months in the future. Ton also warns against “bulimia learning”. (10.06.2021) more

It is toasted with white wine at a party.  © photocase Photo: vanda lay

The state government of Lower Saxony has adjusted and supplemented rules for similar areas, among other things. (05.06.2021) more

Samples for a PCR test are sorted by an employee in the Corona test center in Nordhorn.  © picture alliance / dpa |  Sina Schuldt Photo: Sina Schuldt

The Robert Koch Institute reports 29 new corona infections and two more deaths related to the virus. more

A person looks at the current corona information in the NDR Lower Saxony app on a smartphone screen.  © NDR

Are the number of infections falling further? You can call up the current corona numbers for your region via the NDR.de website. Just enter your zip code. more

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