August 5, 2021

Elections 2021 Mario Vargas Llosa: Francisco Sagasti “did not try to influence me at all so that Mrs. Fujimori would accept the electoral result” | Keiko Fujimori nndc | POLITICS

The 2010 Nobel Prize in Literature, Mario Vargas Llosa, assured this Sunday that in the conversation he had this week with the president Francisco Sagasti, the president “did not try to influence” him to ask the presidential candidate of Fuerza Popular, Keiko Fujimori, accept the result of the second round of the 2021 General Elections.

SIGHT: Francisco Sagasti confirmed that he contacted Vargas Llosa in an effort to maintain “serenity and calm.”

The novelist indicated that communication with the head of state was “cordial” and acted “very cautiously“To avoid generating pressure on the”intermediaries”Who contacted to call both presidential candidates to calm down after the elections last Sunday, June 6.

I have spoken with the President of the Republic and I have to tell him that the President did not try to influence me at all so that I would ask Mrs. Fujimori to accept the electoral result at all. He proposed that we intervene with the two candidates to appease the existing climate. I was in favor of Mrs. Fujimori and that is why I could not intervene with her adversary. The nature of this conversation was private.”, He said in an interview with Canal N.

Immediately there was a cordial conversation and I told him that no one could pronounce on the exclusive powers of the JNE, which is the entity that determines the winner. The president very prudently avoided putting pressure on the intermediaries to act in any way. In a way I am committing an infringement by revealing a private conversation“, he pointed.

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At another time, Vargas Llosa considered that using the word fraud “is very dangerous” and said he believed that “until the JNE says so, the term should not be used” around the electoral process.

If the vote were genuine, authentic, then in good time, but if it was the result of manipulation of the minutes, it would not be in any case. The JNE is the only authority that can rule on this matter. As long as the JNE has not completed its task, one cannot speak of a winner in any way because it is necessary to see the magnitude of the fraud if it existed. The JNE is in a position to judge him”, He declared.

The JNE must rule on the matter and must justify or not justify the word fraud which is very dangerous because it involves manipulation to modify the popular will, until the JNE says so, the term should not be used”He added.

About Pedro Castillo

When asked about a possible government led by Pedro Castillo, the author of ‘Conversation in the Cathedral’ asserted that “the catastrophe” in the country “is going to be immeasurable” and considered that listening to the presidential candidate of Free Peru and to the general secretary of said group, Vladimir Cerrón, to talk about economic issues “it’s frightening”.

There is no doubt that if that candidate becomes president of the Republic, the catastrophe will be immeasurable. You will remember that the same thing happened in Venezuela in 1999 with the first elections that Hugo Chávez won fairly, but what did he do? He established a dictatorship that has generated an exodus of millions of Venezuelans who have nothing to eat.”He declared.

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Francisco Sagasti confirms communication with Mario Vargas Llosa