July 25, 2021

`Gomes scores three goals and the president of Gijón calls to say that the payment was in ‘cash’. We didn’t have a shield…’

Ana Luísa Magalhães


In the premiere of the series “Ironias do Destino”, Pinto da Costa recalled the first major transfer

This Monday, the series “Ironias do Destino” started at Porto Canal, on a journey through the 39 years of the presidency of Pinto da Costa. The initial project, ambitious for the time, included some promises, such as the return of Fernando Gomes to FC Porto, who in 1980/81 had gone to Gijón.

“The president was very nice and said that, for 20 thousand contos, he would let Gomes come. It was a lot of money at the time, but we said yes. He had a problematic Achilles tendon injury and they thought he would hardly play again,” he began for telling the leader, in an episode recorded in the streets of Cedofeita, a parish from which he is a native. “However, Gomes plays, scores three goals and the president of Gijón calls me to say that the payment was in cash. Yes, of course, I said… and we didn’t even have a shield.”

The solution would turn out to be simpler than it appeared. “I spoke to a friend who was an administrator at Banco Atlântico. At that time, the banks financed those who needed it with security, we were not the ones who financed the banks”, said Pinto da Costa, without resisting a touch of the present. “asked me [o amigo do banco] if Gomes came and I replied that I needed him: I had to deliver 20 thousand contos to Gijón. [garantia] guaranteed by Neca Couto, a person of many means, at the time he had the money. This, in turn, also asked if Gomes was coming, everyone wanted to know. I told him that it depended on him…”, Pinto da Costa said. Step by step, Gijón received the amount there, to the surprise of the Spanish manager. “I thought that FC Porto had no money”, he commented, before taking the change for the blue and white leader: “You thought we weren’t going to buy Gomes because he was injured. We don’t lack money [risos].”