July 24, 2021

Hail again wreaks havoc in Vila Real vineyards

Paulo Correia, president of the Guiães Parish Council, in the municipality of Vila Real, told the Lusa agency that the heavy rain and hail that fell late this afternoon caused, “again”, damage to vineyards, but also caused landslides for roads and even flooding in houses.

“This time it was even worse”, said the mayor to Lusa.

The first situation related to bad weather occurred on May 31, causing damage to the vineyards, mainly in the parishes of Abaças and Guiães, still in orchards and also in cars for sale and on display in the open air at the stands located in the industrial area.

On Friday, bad weather caused several floods, mainly in the city of Vila Real, in arteries and also in the municipal market.

Already today, hail has again reached “the rope” between Abaças, Guiães, Bujões and also Galafura (Peso da Régua), areas inserted in the Douro Demarcated Region and where viticulture is the main economic activity.

Regina Ferro, a winemaker in Guiães, told Lusa that the hail “covered white” the vineyards in this territory.

“It was a lot of rain and a lot of hail, the stones were smaller but it even looked like a snowfall,” he described.

The vintner said that “some vines that had escaped the other time were destroyed now”.

Paulo Correia said that the hail again today “reached a lot of vines”, that it was “a lot of water” and that the “ditches did not have the capacity to drain”.

The mayor pointed out that the roads affected by the dragging of earth and stones were signaled and that, on Monday, they will be cleaned.

According to information from the Vila Real Relief Operations District Command (CDOS), 12 floods caused by my time have been recorded since 00:00 today, most of them in the municipality of Vila Real.

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