July 25, 2021

La Roja falls on a bone – Players’ brief and NOTES (Spain 0-0 Sude) – Football

Dominating then purring, Spain did not find the solution against Sweden (0-0), this Monday Sville, for its entry into the competition in the Euro. Unable to change the pace, La Roja missed a great opportunity to kick off their test against a team that was at its doorstep.

La Roja did not find the fault against Sweden.

Let it be said, this team from Spain is clearly not dreaming. Without a Real Madrid player and very far from his talent of ten years ago, La Roja missed his entry into the Euro competition by conceding a draw against Sweden (0-0), this Monday Sville.

Enterprising failing to be technically fair, the Iberians have never been able to upset a very defensive Scandinavian formation which perfectly respects its minimalist tactics.

La Sude se barricade

Determined to make the difference between them, the Spaniards outrageously dominated the first quarter of an hour. With Koke in charge, La Roja passed close to the opener without a classy stop from Olsen on a header from Olmo. Cornered in defense, the Sudois could not put their foot on the ball. After 20 minutes, possession was 90% in favor of the 2010 world champion! In this configuration, the Scandinavians suffered and saw Koke narrowly miss the target on a vicious strike from the outside of the foot.

Far too limited, the visitors offered absolutely nothing and were content to swing the ball very far towards lonely attackers. A minimalist tactic which nevertheless bothered Spain, forced to build the game very far from Olsen’s goal. Despite everything, Morata took advantage of a reading error by Danielsson to stand alone against the opposing goalkeeper, but he lost his duel despite his preferential position. Shortly before the break, Isak made a small number in the box but his shot was deviated by Llorente on the post! La Roja got hot as Olsen put out a new parade against Olmo.

Berg misses the inevitable

When we got back from the locker room, the pace of the match slackened a bit. But Sweden was a little more aggressive and refused the game a little less than in the first period. Like Isak, whose protection of the ball was a concern for the Spaniards. The Real Sociedad striker got rid of three opponents to serve on a field Berg, who missed his shot at the far post. A very warm alert for the locals, who had enormous difficulty in approaching Olsen’s goal, perfectly barricaded by increasingly aggressive Nordics.

The entry of Sarabia in the last quarter of an hour brought a little freshness to the Iberian game, the Parisian managing to sow discord on his balls above the defense. However, this was still insufficient to jostle unsinkable and united Blagult who did not let go despite terrible cramps, while Olsen released an insane stop on a head of Moreno. At home, the three-time European champion was certainly dreaming of a better start. He will have to be much more inspired in four days against Poland.

The score of the match: 4/10

A disappointing part. If Sweden refused the game during the first period, Spain did not show much either by failing to change the pace. A closed match that will clearly not go down in history despite some opportunities on both sides.

Player NOTES

Maxifoot has awarded a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the Match: Robin Olsen (8/10)

The Swedish goalkeeper had a warm hand in the first half as he pushed back Olmo’s two big chances. Sure on his line, he was reassuring by making a success of his outings. A very clean match, especially since it released a huge parry on a Moreno head in added time.


Unai Simn (5): the Athletic goalkeeper had nothing to do this evening. He sees Llorente deflect the ball to his post on Isak’s big opportunity before the break as Berg fails to frame his attempt at close range for the hour mark.

Marcos Llorente (6): right aligned of the defense by Luis Enrique, the Atletico player had a limited impact on the offensive phases. On the other hand, he blocked his lane well and is clearly not unhappy with Isak’s strike before the break since it, a non-framework, ended on the post with his deflection. Solid.

Aymeric Laporte (6): for his first official with La Roja, the central defender of Manchester City experienced a few shocks against Isak, who caught him cold before the break on the big opportunity on the post. He nevertheless won a big duel against the striker of Real Sociedad in the second period. He kept his rank.

Pau Torres (6): the central defender of Villarreal took few risks. He nevertheless showed heaviness in certain actions, such as facing Isak for the hour of play.

Jordi Alba (5.5): the new Spanish captain has shown himself available by not hesitating to dive into the back of Lustig. However, he gradually lowered his footing by losing his physical duel with Lustig. He could have done better overall.

Koke (6.5): clearly the most creative Spaniard on the pitch. At the origin of the best chances, between his almost decisive pass for Olmo and his strike which touched the post of Olsen, the midfielder of Atletico was the only one to create delays. An interesting match for him. Replace the 87th minute with Fabian Ruiz (non not).

Rodri Hernndez (5.5): everything in control, maybe even a little too much. If he respects his role as sentinel, the Manchester City midfielder has not taken enough responsibility to try to break the lines on his passes forward. Like his team this evening, he lacked madness. Replace the 66th minute with Thiago Alcntara (non not).

Pedri (4.5): a fairly banal match for the FC Barcelona midfielder. Surprise holder, he weighed little on the game by not daring enough to face a well grouped block. The impression that he was not necessarily ready for such a meeting.

Ferrn Torres (4): a disappointment. The Manchester City winger volunteered but made too little difference in his right lane. He weighed little in this part. Replace 74th minute with Mikel Oyarzabal (non not).

Alvaro Morata (3.5): a rat match in great width by the scorer of Juventus. He got a huge opportunity in the first half, dropping out completely when it came to adjusting Olsen. Too messy and not technically clean enough, it passed this evening. Replace the 66th minute with Pablo Sarabia (non not), who made differences on his right wing.

Daniel Olmo (5.5): the RB Leipzig striker secured Spain’s two best opportunities in the first half with a close-range header and a floating strike rejected by Olsen. He saw another shot rejected by Danielsson approaching the final quarter of an hour. Brighter in his corner than in the collective. Replace 74th minute with Gerard Moreno (non not), who gets a great opportunity late in the game.


Robin Olsen (8): read comment above.

Mikael Lustig (6): the right side player had some problems at the start of the match on the sharp overflows of Alba. He finally managed to tighten the screws by giving of himself on the few Spanish situations. A duty match with profession since it took precious seconds when the game was stopped. Replace the 75th minute with Emil Krafth (non not).

Markus Danielsson (6): while the Swedish block was very solid in the first half, the central defender of Dalian made a few placement errors, as in the action where he left Morata alone against Olsen. On the other hand, it is imperative when returning from the locker room by throwing himself like a starving death on the Spanish shots, as on that of Olmo.

Victor Lindelof (6.5): a clean copy made by the solid rock of Manchester United. He overpowered Morata rather well, who had little room to shine.

Ludwig Augustinsson (6): the left side of Werder rather well blocked his lane to prevent the climbs of Llorente and Torres. He was finally overwhelmed.

Sebastian Larsson (4): the captain of the Scandinavian team hardly touched the ball in the opposing camp. He spent his time defending to get the draw. Replace the 84th minute with Pierre Bengtsson (non not).

Albin Ekdal (5.5): the middle of Sampdoria experienced a complicated first half hour, undergoing Spanish assaults. Then he came to his senses to be more aggressive on the ball carrier. He ends up on the kneecaps.

Kristoffer Olsson (5): The recovery environment has been messed up overall. He suffered a lot, not allowing his block to blow. He too ended up with terrible cramps. Replace the 84th minute with Jens-Lys Cajuste (non not).

Emil Forsberg (4): a disappointing match for the technical leader of Blagult. He was too little enterprising by playing too low on his wing. A difficult evening.

Marcus Berg (4): the Nordic veteran spent his first period running behind the ball. Closer to the goal after the break, it misses a huge opportunity the hour of play on a caviar from Isak. He may blame himself … Replace the 68th minute with Robin Quaison (non not).

Alexander Isak (6.5): the natural replacement of Zlatan Ibrahimovic has left a constant threat to the Spanish defense despite the few exploitable balloons. Before the break, he hit the post on a strike by Llorente. He was even better when he came back from the locker room with several sharp rushes and a caviar deposited for Berg who was completely hole. The best outfield player on his team. Replace the 69th minute with Viktor Claesson (non not).

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SPAIN 0-0 SWEDEN (mi-tps: 0-0) – EURO 2020 – group E / 1st day
Stadium: Estadio de la Cartuja, Seville – Referee: Slavko Vincic, Slovenia

Buts :
Warnings : – M. Lustig (55e), for SUDE

SPAIN : Unai SimnA. Laporte, Pau TorresMarcos Llorente, Jordi AlbaKoke (Fabin Ruiz, 87e), Rodri Hernndez (Thiago Alcntara, 66e), PedriFerrn Torres (Mikel Oyarzabal, 74e), Morata (Pablo Sarabia, 66e), Daniel Olmo (Gerard Moreno, 74e)

SUDE : R. OlsenV. Lindelf, M. DanielssonM. Lustig (E. Krafth, 75th), L. AugustinssonS. Larsson, K. Olsson (J. Cajuste, 84e), A. Ekdal, E. Forsberg (P. Bengtsson, 84th)M. Berg (R. Quaison, 69th), A. Isak (V. Claesson, 69th)

Laporte made his debut in an official match with Spain

Luis Enrique in mode Bielsa

Isak made misfortunes to the Spaniards on his rushes

Olsen was imperial in the Swedish goal

Sarabia’s disappointment at the end of the game