July 24, 2021

Neno will have his name perpetuated in sports equipment in Guimarães

This Monday, the municipal executive of Guimarães unanimously and acclaimed the vote of regret for the death of Neno, “former Vitória Sport Clube goalkeeper, an unavoidable figure in the club’s history and a reference in Guimarães”.


During the usual fortnightly meeting, the council paid its tribute to Neno, with applause after the Mayor read the vote of regret addressed to his family, friends and Vitória Sport Clube.

Born in Cidade da Praia, Cape Verde, Neno “began to be adopted by Guimarães as a result of his connection to Vitória Sport Clube”, refers the text that mentions these three moments of his sporting career. in 1988/89, in which he won the Cândido de Oliveira Super Cup and, finally, in 1995/96, putting an end to his athlete career in 1999, at Vitória’s service”, being later linked to the club’s structure, “in which he would come to perform various positions that consolidated his image as the Club Ambassador and one of its most recognized symbols”.

“Neno also knew how to build an indelible affectionate relationship with the entire Community of Guimarães, to the point of having also become an Ambassador of Guimarães, such was the correspondence between his personality and the feeling of Guimarães, in a close relationship that Guimarães gave him. he reciprocated in an equally genuine and sincere way”, points out the text, recalling that after leaving the pitches, “he revealed himself to be a man of solidarity, generous, friend and committed to improving the lives of all to whom his talents and optimism could constitute a contribution to the community of Guimarães”.

“Always available to support social and humanitarian causes, he collaborated with numerous institutions in Guimarães to whom he gave a lot of himself, looking only and only for the common good, and always with the contagious joy of living that is, today and always, the first and most perennial image that your nostalgic memory inspires us”.

For this reason, continued Domingos Bragança when reading the text, “his name and his ideals should remain in Guimarães”, indicating that “the Municipality of Guimarães, in articulation with Vitória Sport Clube”, will attribute the name of “Neno ” to a sporting equipment in the municipality, existing or to be built”. “Sport, joy, solidarity, altruism will thus continue to be present and linked to this unavoidable figure of national sport, one of the most beloved of Portuguese football and Guimarães, in particular”, he underlined, after recalling that Neno started his career as a goalkeeper at Barreirense, “affirming the credits that would be worth his time at Benfica, the club for which he was crowned National Champion on three occasions and winner of two Portuguese Cups , in the service of the National Team, played 9 games, between 1989 and 1996, and left an important mark in Portuguese goals, serving as a reference for many goalkeepers who followed in his footsteps”.

PSD Councilor André Coelho Lima suggested the multicultural dimension that Neno interpreted and reproduced, becoming “one of the greatest figures in Guimarães”, revealing the facet that Guimarães has in welcoming those who choose to live.

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