August 2, 2021

“Vaccination for ages 30 to 39 starts next week”

PSD / Flickr

Luis Marques Mendes

In yet another weekly commentary on SIC’s Jornal da Noite, Luís Marques Mendes once again put on the table the subjects that had the greatest prominence over the past week.

The former deputy returned to bring news about the vaccination process in Portugal and warned that, although self-scheduling is still only available for people over 43, next week the age group of 30 will be included in the process. “I found out that vaccination between the ages of 30 and 39 will start next week,” he said.

Marques Mendes hopes that by the summer, young people aged around 18 can be vaccinated. “there may be a calamity”.

For Marques Mendes, “the big news” is that from the age of 60 onwards, more than 90% of people have been vaccinated “and they are the most fragile groups”.

“The degradation within the Government is enormous”

The politician also analyzed the tensions experienced within the PS, but also about the controversial appointment of Pedro Adam e Silva to direct the commemorations of the 50th anniversary of the 25th of April and the choice of Ana Paula Vitorino for Transport Regulatory Entity.

Luís Marques Mendes understands that Pedro Adão e Silva’s appointment revealed arrogance for having been taken without consulting the PSD, PCP and CDS. Already the choice of Ana Paula Vitorino for the Transport Regulatory Authority revealed tics of some sense of impunity.

“The appointment of Ana Paula Vitorino is another example of arrogance in power. Its competence is not in question. Much less being married to who you are. But its independence is at stake. She is a former minister. A member of the PS. It’s anything but independent. The issue is not personal. It is of principle”, defended the social democrat.

The commentator adds to these cases the war between António Costa and Pedro Nuno Santos and the reappointment of Miguel Frasquilho at TAP, apparently a wish by the minister, which was vetoed by António Costa, who imposed Manuel Beja in the administration.

“Fernando Medina is no Moscow agent”

Even before delving into the subject that garnered the greatest media attention this week, Luís Marques Mendes made a reservation in relation to the mayor of Lisbon: “Fernando Medina may have responsibilities in this, but Fernando Medina is no Moscow agent. Nothing happened deliberately, let’s not be exaggerating”.

The commentator thus referred to the criticism that the mayor of Lisbon has been subjected to after the names, addresses and contacts of three Russian activists were sent to the Russian authorities.

Marques Mendes stresses that the incident is “unbelievable” and “serious” and stresses that “Fernando Medina is wrong when he says this is a bureaucratic error, isn’t it. This is a serious violation of the law”, he continues, recalling the European Data Protection Regulation, in force since 2018.

The social democrat also criticized the communication made by the assistant secretary general, José Luís Carneiro, when he attributes the incident to the 1974 law, which regulates the right to the demonstration. “It’s a big lie”, said.

In a final note, the commentator also underlined that “the prime minister is the only person who has not commented on this matter.” Marques Mendes says he does not believe that the silence is due to the fact that António Costa was the mayor of the Chamber in question, but reinforces: “That the silence doesn’t help, that’s true there.”

IL “shouldn’t have done what he did”

Analyzing the fact that the Liberal Initiative held an arraial in Santo António, when the council banned all types of festivities at the weekend, Marques Mendes underlines that the party’s attitude “is a monumental shot in the foot” and it is “a bad example”.

The commentator states that IL “should not have done what it did”, in the first place “for the sake of coherence, given the fact that the party attacked the PCP with the Festa do Avante . “Considering that this was a privilege of a political party, I could not now use a privilege in everything equal or in everything similar. It’s a matter of coherence”.

Secondly, Marques Mendes considered that although the party has the right to say that there must be arraiais in the Santos Populares in Lisbon, “it must accept the decisions of Organs legitimate bodies”.

Ana Isabel Moura, ZAP //