August 1, 2021

“Worse than the communists”. Liberal initiative devastated after camp

Manuel De Almeida / Lusa

The president of the Liberal Initiative, João Cotrim de Figueiredo, at Arraial dos Santos Populares, in Lisbon

The arraial de Santo António organized by the Liberal Initiative (IL) party in Lisbon raised a wave of criticism. There are those who speak of “complete nonsense” and Rui Rio says that it was “worse than the communists”, recalling the Festa do Avante and the way IL criticized the PCP event.

“How is it possible for IL to have criticized the PCP and now still do worse than the communists?” The question is from the leader of the PSD, Rui Rio, who criticizes the camp organized by the Liberal Initiative in Lisbon.

The event took place even against an opinion of the General Directorate of Health (DGS) and after the capital’s Chamber had canceled the festivals of popular saints because of the pandemic.

“To win the covid-19 we all have to have respect for others and a sense of responsibility”, says Rio about the IL camp.

“Not like this! THE arrogance is not a weapon against the pandemic, nor in favor of economic recovery”, criticizes, finally, the leader of the PSD in a publication on Twitter.

IL announced the event organized on Saturday afternoon, under the Santo António, as a “rally camp”.

In the days leading up to the initiative, João Cotrim de Figueiredo, IL’s sole deputy in Parliament, tried to stress on Twitter that “political events do not need authorization from the Chamber”. “The PS thinks he owns the city. is not“, creased yet.

This position clearly clashes with the statements that Cotrim de Figueiredo made during the Avante party. At that time, the IL leader stressed the cancellation of “hundreds of cultural events”, stressing that the realization of the PCP’s political event made “understand that the political parties have prerogatives that other institutions or citizens do not have”.

In August 2020, Cotrim de Figueiredo claimed in an application delivered to Parliament, as part of the challenge to Avante, that there was “two weights and two measures in matters of major events”, pointing out that the communist initiative called into question “the sacrifices of the last few months”.

“People who go to parties take the virus home”

However, IL will have changed its mind and moved forward with its “rally camp” despite, in an opinion, the Regional Health Delegate for Lisbon and Tagus Valley, António Carlos da Silva, proves to be “unfavorable in relation to all activities that go beyond the aforementioned political rally”.

This opinion notes that “in compliance with the precautionary principle in public health, and by the current epidemiological situation in the city of Lisbon“, the camp should not take place.

Patrícia Pacheco, director of Infectology at Hospital Fernando da Fonseca in Lisbon, notes that the IL camp has passed “the wrong message” at a time when the capital is in a situation of increasing trend of covid-19 cases.

“Just because ignorance of what is really going on is that people can have this kind of attitude”, he stresses in statements to SIC Notícias.

“People who go to parties usually take the virus home”, he stresses, stressing that later it is the “parents and grandparents” who are hospitalized with the infection.

Against the DGS and against the rules of the City of Lisbon, the IL camp was held there, gathering more than a thousand people.

“It was necessary to show Medina that it is possible to organize events safely in compliance with the rules and give a light of hope to local merchants“, points out the Liberal Initiative in a publication on Twitter, where it shares images of SIC do arraial.

SIC heard merchants who show their satisfaction with the fair by having sold “200 kilos of steaks”, which “was great”.

On social networks, there are some images that were taken in the camp and where several people appear concentrated, many dancing together, and without wearing masks.

However, João Gomes from IL assures that “everyone behaved quite well throughout the event” and that “there was a lot of responsibility on the part of the participants”.

Mayan says “that’s where we should all be”

IL candidate for the Presidency of the Republic, Tiago Mayan, reinforces that the camp was “something that was only exceptional because there is still a long way to freedom to do in Portugal”.

“Only there I was not present due to previous appointments, but I have no doubts: that’s where we all should be“, aponta no Twitter.

On the other hand, criticisms of IL’s initiative, with the commentator of Rádio Renascença, Henrique Monteiro, talking about “a case of complete nonsense”.

“They were very critical of the initiatives and prerogatives that politicians had and citizens did not have and then end up doing the same and worse, because CGTP [nas celebrações do Primeiro de Maio] he was careful with the distances and, it seems, in this camp there was no care at all”, he emphasizes.

During the IL camp, there was a target shooting game with faces of several national political figures, namely António Costa, Rui Rio, Catarina Martins and Jerónimo de Sousa, but also Pedro Nuno Santos, Eduardo Cabrita, Augusto Santos Silva and Fernando Medina.

This target shooting “looks like very far right or far left“, notes Henrique Monteiro.

But, on social networks, there are those who suggest that in the next Avante there will be “a stand with tubes full of gel, for hit João Cotrim de Figueiredo in the head“. And writer Rui Zink also leaves some barbs to IL’s activity.

Humorist João Quadros notes that “the most spectacular thing about the Liberal Initiative camp is that it was the first time that the dozen sardines were in Bitcoins“.

In a more serious tone, musician João Gil says that the initiative “was not just a provocation to Medina and the rules imposed on everyone, nor an affront to the DGS that gave the negative opinion”. “It was a knee to all of us and a huge shot to the feet“, also writes on Twitter.

On the other hand, there are also those who remember the Sporting festivities and point out that Medina authorized the celebrations of the title of lions with thousands of people in the streets, while in the camp of IL there were only “a few hundred”.

Susana Valente, ZAP //